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Effective Teaching Essay

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Dangers of Teen Driving. Automobile accidents are the number one cause of death among American teenagers. In Sharon M. Draper's The Battle of Teaching Essay Jericho the dangers of teen driving are illustrated in literacy narrative definition the following three ways: teens are more likely to speed, teens are immature, and teens have little to no experience. All of these dangers come together to prove that automobile accidents are the number one cause of death amongst American teens. Teens are more likely to speed. According to the Liberty Mutual/SADD Teen Driving study, only Effective Essay, thirteen percent of teen drivers say they never speed. In addition, 25 of starbucks wikipedia teenage accidents occur because the teens are speeding.The studyalso states that "when you speed, you have less time to react, less time to make the Effective Essay, right decision" (Travelers, 1). In Vienna, Virginia, on September 17, 2004, Eric Johnson was speeding along in his dream car down a winding road. However, due to the speed he was going, he lost control, crashed into a tree, and was killed instantly. He had been going 67 mph in a 35 mph zone without a seatbelt. In The Battle of joseph conrad Jericho , the character of Josh decides to try and beat Eddie Mahoney to the ramp. The author writes, "Josh wasn't sure what happened next, but suddenly the world was spinning out of control. He saw a dark tree, a patch of unmelted snow, a telephone pole, and Eddie's car, then the same tree, patch of snow, pole and car, then the same scene again, only at a dizzying speed as the car spun out, doing complete three-sixties on the exit ramp," (Draper, 149). Luckily, Josh managed to control the car, and they did not hit anything. Teaching? This is a prime example of what happens when teenagers speed. Ask The Dust? They lose control of the car, and most are not as lucky as Jericho and Effective Teaching Josh. Another danger is the danger of immaturity amongst teenagers. Evidence of this is both in the media and in ask the dust The Battle of Jericho . On October 12, 2004, three teenage boys were arrested in a drag racing accident that injured a teenage girl and her two passengers. According to the police spokeswoman, "Investigators concluded that the accident was the direct result of a contest of speed between the three male students." Another teen driver in Covington, KY fatally hit a two-year-old child. He was text messaging on Essay, his cell phone and driving 10 mph over the 25 mph speed limit. This immaturity is Hendrix:, also portrayed in The Battle of Jericho on pages 147-149. Josh and Jericho "zipped along, laughing and singing, with the Teaching, music, the car going faster and faster," (Draper, 147). A couple of minutes later, they are racing Eddie Mahoney down I-71, before heading to the exit ramp, where they hit a patch of ice, almost crashing. The US government say the driving age should be higher. They claim other countries' driving accidents are less where the driving ages are higher. However, in the UK, the age for a provisional license (equivalent of temps) is 17, but there are no requirements on the number of lessons and the length of time between receiving the ask the dust, provisional license and the test. The only restriction with the provisional license is that an adult with a full license is in the car at all times. According to , the road safety charity, the latest Home Office figures state that 24 of convictions for causing death by dangerous driving in 2003 were of drivers age 20 or younger. This is Teaching, despite this age group counting for just 2 of car license holders. Inside The Secret World Supreme Court? These figures are actually worse than the US, where it is stated that 10 of the population in 2002 were teenagers (not all drivers), but they accounted for 14 of all motor accidents. With this information, it is Effective Essay, clear that with a combination of narrative increased lessons and age, driving for Effective Teaching Essay teens could be less dangerous. This is evident in Germany, where drivers receive their temps at 18. Then, they must go through 35 hours of driving school on the road with a qualified instructor, including driving on the autobahn, at night, and in conrad biography bad weather. Also, drivers must complete 14-28 hours of Effective Teaching Essay theory and are on probation for wikipedia two years after receiving a full license. Another danger with teen driving is that teens have little to no experience. Effective Teaching Essay? Again, this is shown in both the media and The Battle of joseph conrad biography Jericho . Effective Teaching? According The Cincinnati Enquirer, on inside the secret world of the supreme, March 23, Brandon Barkley (age 16) was driving along with three passengers. Teaching? After a tire slipped off the road, Barkley over-corrected and his car hit a tree. The only reason for the crash and the death of Craig Jones, a 16-year-old passenger was lack of experience. There were no drugs, no alcohol, and the nine: the secret world court Barkley was not speeding. All of the teens were wearing their seatbelts. Gerhard Laub of Germany said, "It takes many years until young drivers can become seasoned road virtuosos. This is due less to youthful nonchalance than to a lack of experience. In terms of Effective Teaching speed that means many accidents happen when the the nine: inside the secret world, driver is going too fast for Essay weather conditions and the traffic situation although keeping to the posted speed limit." The director of the starbucks, Bavarian road patrol, Ranier Salz, explained, "Because of a lack of experience, young drivers are often at Effective Teaching Essay a loss to recognize hazards and don't know how their vehicle will react in a hairy situation."In The Battle of Jericho , on page 149, Josh loses control of the car when he hits an gently into good night, ice patch, and he has no idea what to do. Essay? Finally, Jericho takes control. But, in most cases, teens would not know what to do because of their lack of experience. Looking at the evidence presented by both the media and The Battle of Jericho , I believe that the US should raise the driver's age and have new drivers participate in more driving classes. This combination of increased maturity and more experience would help decrease teenage driving accidents and deaths. At the very least, all states should introduce and put into effect the Graduated License Program. The Graduated License Program provides the following steps to ensure teenage drivers are prepared for the dangers that await them on the roads of today. The Nine: Inside World Court? The requirements are a curfew for Effective drivers under age 17, unless with a parent or guardian, 24 hours of instruction in the classroom, eight hours behind the wheel with a certified instructor, 50 hours of driving with a parent or guardian, a limit to the number of passengers allowed in the car, and the requirement to wear a seat belt. The first license received is the ask the dust, 'temps' at fifteen and a half. This is kept until the age of sixteen, when a probationary license is received (provided you pass the tests). At eighteen, a full license is granted.

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how to write a results section of a biology lab report

Iowa State University. Scientific research is a group activity. Effective Essay? Individual scientists perform experiments to test hypotheses about biological phenomena. After experiments are completed and duplicated, researchers attempt to persuade others to accept or reject their hypotheses by presenting the data and their interpretations. The lab report or the scientific paper is the the secret world supreme vehicle of persuasion; when it is published, it is available to other scientists for review. If the results stand up to Effective Teaching Essay criticism, they become part of the accepted body of scientific knowledge unless later disproved. In some cases, a report may not be persuasive in ask the dust nature but instead is an archival record for future generations. For example, data on the distribution and Effective frequency of inside the secret, rabid skunks in a certain year may be of use to future epidemiologists in deciding whether the incidence of rabies is increasing. Regardless of whether a report is persuasive or archival, the following guidelines apply. The purpose of an abstract is to allow the reader to judge whether it would serve his or her purposes to read the entire report. A good abstract is a concise (100 to 200 words) summary of the purpose of the report, the data presented, and the author's major conclusions. The introduction defines the subject of the report. It must outline the scientific purpose(s) or objective(s) for the research performed and give the reader sufficient background to understand the rest of the report. Care should be taken to limit the background to whatever is pertinent to the experiment. A good introduction will answer several questions, including the following: Why was this study performed? Answers to this question may be derived from observations of nature or from the Effective Teaching literature. What knowledge already exists about this subject? The answer to this question must review the literature, showing the historical development of an idea and including the confirmations, conflicts, and gaps in existing knowledge. What is the specific purpose of the study? The specific hypotheses and experimental design pertinent to investigating the topic should be described. What materials were used? How were they used? Where and when was the work done? (This question is most important in gently into that night field studies.) All figures and tables should have descriptive titles and should include a legend explaining any symbols, abbreviations, or special methods used. Figures and tables should be numbered separately and should be referred to in the text by number, for example: Figure 1 shows that the Effective activity decreased after five minutes. The activity decreased after five minutes (fig. 1). Gently That Good? Figures and tables should be self-explanatory; that is, the Effective reader should be able to understand them without referring to the text. All columns and rows in tables and axes in figures should be labeled. See appendix B for graphing instructions. This section of into, your report should concentrate on general trends and differences and not on trivial details. Many authors organize and write the Effective Teaching results section before the rest of the report. This section lists all articles or books cited in your report. It is literacy narrative definition not the same as a bibliography, which simply lists references regardless of whether they were cited in the paper. Teaching Essay? The listing should be alphabetized by the last names of the authors. Different journals require different formats for citing literature. Ask The Dust? The format that includes the most information is given in the following examples: Fox, J.W. 1988. Nest-building behavior of the Effective Essay catbird, Dumetella carolinensis. Journal of literacy narrative definition, Ecology 47: 113-17. Bird, W.Z. 1990. Ecological aspects of fox reproduction . Berlin: Guttenberg Press. For chapters in books: Smith, C.J. 1989. Basal cell carcinomas. Effective Teaching? In Histological aspects of cancer , ed. C.D. The Nine: The Secret Of The Supreme Court? Wilfred, pp. 278-91. Boston: Medical Press. When citing references in Effective Teaching the text, do not use footnotes; instead, refer to articles by ask the dust, the author's name and the date the paper was published. For example: Fox in 1988 investigated the hormones on Effective, the nest-building behavior of catbirds. Hormones are known to influence the gently into nest-building behavior of Teaching Essay, catbirds (Fox, 1988). When citing papers that have two authors, both names must be listed. When three or more authors are involved, the Latin et al. Into That Good Night? (et alia) meaning "and others" may be used. A paper by Smith, Lynch, Merrill, and Beam published in 1989 would be cited in Effective Essay the text as: Smith et al. (1989) have shown that. This short form is for text use only. In the Literature Cited, all names would be listed, usually last name preceding initials. There are a number of style manuals that provide detailed directions for writing scientific papers. Some are listed in further readings at the end of this section. All scientific names (genus and species) must be italicized. (Underlining indicates italics in a typed paper.) Use the metric system of measurements. Abbreviations of units are used without a following period. Be aware that the Essay Experienced? word data is Effective Essay plural while datum is singular. Biography? This affects the choice of Effective Essay, a correct verb. The word species is used both as a singular and as a plural. Numbers should be written as numerals when they are greater than ten or when they are associated with measurements; for the nine: example, 6 mm or 2 g but two explanations of six factors. When one list includes numbers over and under ten, all numbers in the list may be expressed as numerals; for example, 17 sunfish, 13 bass, and 2 trout. Never start a sentence with numerals. Effective Teaching Essay? Spell all numbers beginning sentences. Be sure to divide paragraphs correctly and to use starting and ending sentences that indicate the purpose of the paragraph. A report or a section of a report should not be one long paragraph. Every sentence must have a subject and a verb. Avoid using the first person, I or we, in writing. Keep your writing impersonal, in the third person. Instead of saying, "We weighed the frogs and Essay Jimi put them in a glass jar," write, "The frogs were weighed and put in a glass jar." Avoid the use of slang and the overuse of contractions. Be consistent in the use of tense throughout a paragraph--do not switch between past and present. It is best to use past tense. 10. Be sure that pronouns refer to antecedents. For example, in the statement, "Sometimes cecropia caterpillars are in cherry trees but they are hard to find," does "they" refer to caterpillars or trees? After writing a report, read it over, watching especially for lack of precision and for ambiguity. Each sentence should present a clear message. The following examples illustrate lack of precision: "The sample was incubated in mixture A minus B plus C." Does the Effective Teaching mixture lack both B and C or lack B and contain C? The title "Protection against Carcinogenesis by Jimi Hendrix:, Antioxidants" leaves the reader wondering whether antioxidants protect from or cause cancer. The only way to prevent such errors is to read and think about Effective, what you write. Learn to reread and edit your work. CBE Style Manual Committee. 1983. CBE style manual: A guide for authors, editors, and publishers in the biological sciences. 5th ed. Bethesda, Md.: Council of Biology Editors.