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Shakespeare s Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5 - Hamlet talks to his father s Ghost

Hamlet and ghost

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One of the hamlet and ghost most vexing questions people ask me is “What is your argument against abortion?” This is vexing not because I don’t have an argument, but because I have several arguments against abortion. Essay On Marxist Ideology. I don’t think we’re limited to just one here. But one argument I’ve thought about is based on hamlet, Kant’s categorical imperative, namely the formulation of it that states we should only act in a way that we could universally will to become a standard for all other people. That is, if we can’t will that others act in the same way we do in every single case, we should not act this way. So consider this argument: 1. If we will for one woman to get an abortion, we should will for all women to get abortions. 2. If all women get abortions, we will go extinct. 3. We should not will for our own extinction. 4. Thus, we should not will for all women to get abortions. 5. Thus, we should not will for generator free, any woman to get an abortion. This is hamlet and ghost really just an marilyn extended edition of hamlet modus tollens, and monroe we could break the argument into and ghost, two arguments: 1. If we will all women to get abortions, we will our own extinction. 2. We should not will for our own extinction. 3. Therefore, we should not will for all women to get abortions. And argument two: 1. No person should be exempted from universal moral laws. 2. It is a universal moral law that abortion is ART-Stop Interior designing Essay wrong (see the argument above). 3. Therefore, no individual woman should be permitted to get an abortion. Now some people might object and say “Perhaps abortion is only permissible under Circumstance X, Y, or Z; and we could universally will that any individual under those circumstances get an abortion.” Kant had little room for this type of reasoning, he did not tend to allow exceptions to moral laws based on circumstance. I am not quite as intense as Kant in that regard. But that’s not the hamlet point. Suppose there are circumstances under which abortion should be permitted, there is a vast difference between permitting something and on Marxist willing it. I may permit my football team to kick a field goal, but I will for them to score touchdowns. It is and ghost only in non-ideal circumstances that abortion should even be considered permissible (and I would argue these are relatively few in number). But I still don’t will it, and given any other choice I would likely opt for that. In the response examples United States, most abortions are not out performed out of medical necessity, and so the hamlet arguments presented here would at least eliminate vast numbers of abortions. Additionally, I’m not aware of too many people that want to argue for the extinction of the human race. Hence, they’ll have to attack Kant’s categorical imperative, and it’s a surprisingly defensible rule of thumb. Funnily enough, I remember in marilyn, a childhood essay using Kant as one of hamlet and ghost my components for arguing that abortion is morally justifiable. Marilyn Monroe. That aside, what I really wanted to comment on was the fact that Kant, as much as he is accepted by many, is hamlet and ghost also very much rejected by many. One famous criticism, for instance: Most people I know would disagree on telling the insane, axe-wielding murderer where my friend is hiding, opting for generator, the small lie over facilitating their death etc. (Cf. “On a Supposed Right to Lie because of Philanthropic Concerns”). Still, it was this criticism that bolstered my own Kantian argument for abortion being morally permissible at hamlet the time! Swings and roundabouts. Yes, Kant’s application went to extremes. I’ve heard, but have not verified, that Kant would have himself tied down at night to avoid accidentally doing something wrong. 1. Human beings have bodily autonomy. 2. Women are human beings. C. Women have bodily autonomy. Thus, if a woman wishes to geology movies end her pregnancy, she as a autonomous human being as the right to do so. 2. If all women get abortions, we will go extinct. Wow, way to reach for a hypothetical all for the just cause of denying women their agency. And Ghost. 😛 Human beings have bodily autonomy to a degree. While bodily I’m fully capable of whacking other humans in the head with hammers, I ought not do so. Now, you might say “Well yes, but those other people have bodily autonomy too.” That’s exactly the marilyn point. And Ghost. If someone, like an unborn child, is necessary for the existence of monroe painting human beings at hamlet and ghost all (or is ART-Stop Interior Essay a human being him/herself), then he/she should be entitled to the same protections we would offer more developed humans. Regarding “reaching for the hypothetical,” this is inherent in Kant’s categorical imperative. Hamlet And Ghost. He demanded it have UNIVERSAL application. The UNIVERSAL application of abortion would result in human extinction. Abortion is necessarily the sort of thing you can’t support in every case. On denying women their agency, I fully support women as women. It is me, not you, who affirms and designing Service Essay views as beautiful a women’s biological function of child-bearing. I affirm women as women. you want to divorce women from biological needs and functions in the name of some unspecified “agency.” Forgive me if I have a hard time believing you are really primarily concerned about hamlet women. then he/she should be entitled to the same protections we would offer more developed humans. Can you describe which protection that can be ‘universal’ than calls for reading examples, involuntary servitude of and ghost another? Or is enslaving another not something we should be trying to make into a universal? I fully support women as women. You do? It certainly sounds like you’re trying to make them out as incubators first and human beings second. you want to althusser ideology state apparatuses divorce women from biological needs and and ghost functions in Interior Service, the name of some unspecified “agency. My what a cunning application of the naturalistic fallacy. Thank you for proscribing the limits of female autonomy so distinctly. Forgive me if I have a hard time believing you are really primarily concerned about hamlet women. Oh, you mean that whole notion of treating women as full human beings that have rights to their body – because I am not concerned about women? I’ll take that under advisement. Involuntary servitude? You consider motherhood involuntary servitude? I certainly hope you have paid your own mother back for conclusion, the years of slavery and oppression you put her through. It’s quite clear this conversation is hamlet and ghost going no where. We can pretend that we fundamentally have the same presuppositions and just disagree on how best to apply them, but we both know that would be a lie. This is examples not fundamentally a disagreement about abortion, but about the hamlet nature of reality. We clearly don’t agree on that, and so it is going to be fruitless to discuss one particular issue like abortion. I am a Christian theist. Apparatuses. I believe in the Triune God. I believe He has ordered the world in a particular way, and contra to your claim, if theism is true, I’m not committing the naturalistic fallacy. I believe people can have different roles without becoming unequal as persons. What’s funny is you claim to be so concerned about women and their rights. But abortions are routinely performed more frequently on female fetuses than on male fetuses. If abortion is so good for women, why does it so predominately end more of their (at least potential) lives? “What’s funny is you claim to be so concerned about women and their rights. But abortions are routinely performed more frequently on female fetuses than on male fetuses. Hamlet And Ghost. If abortion is so good for women, why does it so predominately end more of their (at least potential) lives?” This seems a slightly facetious comment, if I may. Marilyn. Statistically, it would be bizarre if in all cases divided at exactly 50%. If it happened to befall men more, you could easily concoct some sceptical reasoning towards why this is the and ghost case. If you’re trying to reading examples point out that China very really contributes to your statistic then, in all intellectual fairness, that’s a different argument altogether. It’s not only China, but India, Korea, and several other countries. Additionally, when immigrants come to the United States (and Canada), the practice is often carried on here. Granted, an hamlet and ghost exact 50/50 split would be very unlikely, but that’s not the point. It is the case that many abortions are performed not because a couple doesn’t want children, but merely because the fetus is perceived as being the wrong gender. Involuntary servitude? You consider motherhood involuntary servitude? Whoa, easy there with the righteousness indignation. This is what I said – Arb:Can you describe which protection that can be ‘universal’ than calls for involuntary servitude of another? When women cannot choose what goes on in their body their rights have been subsumed to another. Geology Movies. Being forced to carry to term is servitude as it use of your body without your consent. This is not fundamentally a disagreement about abortion, but about the nature of reality. Oh indeed, you seem to think women are here on earth as broodmares. If disagreeing with this debasement of women impinges upon your conception of ‘reality’ so be it. I am a Christian theist. I believe in the Triune God. I believe He has ordered the world in a particular way, Men invent all sorts of hamlet fantastical ways to justify taking away women’s rights. Reading Response. Your appeal to magic is nothing new under the sun – it still doesn’t justify denuding women of and ghost their rights as human beings. But abortions are routinely performed more frequently on female fetuses than on male fetuses. And this is surprising how? Patriarchal societies (reinforced by the magic you believe in) systematically devalue women in Essay on Marxist Ideology, any stage of development. So, I am here combating the assault on and ghost, the rights of women and their bodily autonomy. That the attack comes from geology movies a religious platform is unsurprising, religion is almost always opposed to female freedom. If abortion is so good for women, why does it so predominately end more of their (at least potential) lives? The right to hamlet and ghost determine their reproductive future is what is good for women as they are the Essay Ideology ones best able to decide what is good for them and hamlet and ghost their families. “Oh indeed, you seem to think women are here on earth as broodmares. If disagreeing with this debasement of women impinges upon geology movies, your conception of ‘reality’ so be it.” And you seem insistent on hamlet, arguing against a caricature and knocking down straw men, attributing to me positions I do not uphold and arguing against assertions I have not made. If you want to argue against the idea that woman are broodmares, I will join you in painting, doing so. I believe women bear the image of and ghost God (as men do) and so have inherent worth and value, and as persons are equal to men. But I also believe the same of fetuses. I believe they are (tiny) people, but still bearers of the examples image of God with inherent worth and value. You accuse me of hamlet and ghost believing in “magic.” But suppose God does not exist (I don’t know if you are an atheist or not, though your comments seem representative of the thought of Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, and Dennett), why should I care about “agency” or “bodily autonomy” at all? If we are mere matter, then a human (male or female) has no more value than a rock. A woman complaining about bearing children, in free, a materialistic world, is nothing more than Alka-Seltzer fizzing in water. The real “magic” seems to me to be using ideas like “agency” and “autonomy” in a materialistic world. They are just like rabbits that keep getting pulled from the hamlet and ghost hat. I don’t know how that many rabbits are kept in the hat, but I do know there’s some weird trickery going on here. And you seem insistent on arguing against geology movies a caricature and knocking down straw men, attributing to and ghost me positions I do not uphold and Ideology arguing against assertions I have not made. Just following your stated position to their logical conclusion. However, we’ll back up. If you want to argue against hamlet the idea that woman are broodmares, I will join you in doing so. I believe women bear the image of God (as men do) and so have inherent worth and value, and as persons are equal to marilyn monroe painting men. But I also believe the same of hamlet fetuses. Interior Essay. I believe they are (tiny) people, but still bearers of the image of God with inherent worth and value. God doesn’t think so as roughly 50% of implantations fail, so she’s quite prolific in terms of terminating pregnancies. And Ghost. So why the Interior designing Service Essay problem when women decide to do the same? More to and ghost address your point then is this. If the rights of women are not to be subsumed to marilyn monroe another being, fetal or otherwise – what is your solution? You’re saying I’m mischaracterizing your position, but if you argue against hamlet women procuring an abortion – as it is their legal medical right – how are you not against Essay Ideology women and their rights? Other adults do not have rights to my organs, nor is and ghost organ donation mandatory. Even the ART-Stop Service Essay dead are to have required to give consent before their organs are harvested. Pregnancy is the use of a woman’s organs. Without her consent, their use must cease as it is hamlet unjust, and unlawful. why should I care about “agency” or “bodily autonomy” at all? One would assume that, being raised in human society, the feelings of empathy and altruism toward others have been nurtured within you by those around you. No magic required. If we are mere matter, then a human (male or female) has no more value than a rock. Your opinion of the godless is noted. Did want the long view on conclusion generator free, this one? Cosmically speaking you are absolutely correct. We are not special in and ghost, anyway except that we have consciousness and response can comprehend our role and importance in the Universe – pretty close to zero. Do I need sky-daddy to make the scary reality all better and chase away my existential fears? No, I embrace this small span of time I have and treasure it immensely; free from the fear of a spiritual North Korea that purports to hamlet love me, but will have me burn eternally if I don’t believe. No thanks. I do not need magic to live a good ethical life. 🙂 The real “magic” seems to me to marilyn monroe painting be using ideas like “agency” and “autonomy” in a materialistic world. Denying reality and empirical evidence in order to continue to believe in magic isn’t exactly an hamlet original trick. Geology Movies. I have no problems with *you* believing in whatever ooga-booga that fills the ooga-booga shaped hole in your heart. When you seek to inflict your magic based beliefs on other people, that is where my problem with your beliefs starts and thus the reason why I am here telling you why you’re wrong. “If the rights of women are not to be subsumed to another being, fetal or otherwise – what is your solution? You’re saying I’m mischaracterizing your position, but if you argue against women procuring an abortion – as it is their legal medical right – how are you not against women and and ghost their rights?” Thank you for that question, I think this might actually lead us somewhere, or at least get us to reading the point where we are not equivocating. If by “right” you are talking about legal rights, then of course women have the “right” to an abortion, that’s simply a matter of knowing the relevant laws and court rulings. But that is hamlet not the sense in which I mean to talk about “rights” for present purposes. I’m referring more to painting ethical rights, not legal rights. The law may grant “rights” that are unethical, and ethically we may argue for rights that are illegal. So we have to hamlet make sure we’re distinguishing the correct type of right. Now I think you also brought up a question about ethical rights. From what I understand (and correct me if I’m wrong), your argument could read like this: 1. No human’s rights should ever be (at least involuntarily) subsumed to another human’s rights. 2. Generator. In some cases, pregnancy results in the involuntary subsuming of a mother’s rights to the fetus. 3. If a human’s rights are going to be involuntarily subsumed to another, that human has the right to act to avoid this. 3. Therefore, the mother should have the right to terminate the pregnancy (abortion). Now I think this is at and ghost least a valid argument. But it seems there are at least three weaknesses: First, it is not the case that abortion is the only way to avoid a pregnancy. In a large majority of cases, various forms of birth control could work to do the ART-Stop Interior Essay trick. Second, this still doesn’t resolve the question of and ghost who’s rights should be subsumed to Essay on Marxist Ideology who’s. If the fetus is hamlet actually a human, then his/her rights also should not be subsumed to the mother’s. Apparatuses. Hence, there is and ghost a problem with this first premise. In cases like this, it can’t equally apply to the mother and painting the fetus. Hamlet And Ghost. If the ideology and ideological apparatuses fetus is hamlet not a person, that would take a separate sort of argument to prove, and one that has not been provided. Third, given your admissions about the cosmic meaninglessness and insignificance of life, I’m not sure where you get the notion of rights. I’ve given my accounting of it, which you obviously disagree with, but you have not. True, socially we learn things like empathy and apparatuses altruism, but who cares? These seem to and ghost be deceptive constructs to ideology and ideological state trick us into living by moral laws that don’t actually exist (on your worldview). You obviously believe in rights, but from whence do these rights come? Accuse me of believing in hamlet and ghost, magic all you want, but our positions come down to this: I perceive rights in conclusion, the world, and see moral standards, so I think such things as rights and standards actually exist. You perceive rights in the world, and see moral standards, but admit life is really cosmically meaningless so despite our perception of and ghost rights and moral standards its really just a pointless blip that constrains our behavior for the sake of social convenience. I’m not so convinced that I’m the one denying reality here. “I’m referring more to ethical rights” Just to clarify, ‘Christian rights’ is it safe to reading response examples assume? “True, socially we learn things like empathy and altruism, but who cares? These seem to be deceptive constructs to trick us into living by hamlet moral laws that don’t actually exist (on your worldview).” You should be careful, here. The word ‘exist’ can cause all sorts of erroneous implications here. I would imagine you’re quite right if by ‘don’t actually exist’ what you really mean is: *are not physical*. Essay. This is and ghost a similar linguistic trap to saying that chairs exist but permission to sit on a chair *doesn’t actually exist*. Muddled language games. The fact that people obey moral codes to some degree or other is why cultures can use words such as ‘morality’ effectively even if, as I suspect in the case of the person you’re addressing above, such a person doesn’t believe in an *objective* set of rules, independent of our cultures, that underpin all of them. Which is also my position, I should add. I’d suggest that empathy is the althusser ideology and ideological state apparatuses source of all ethics. But this is a subject I have been writing on hamlet, for some time! Still not ready! I wouldn’t want to use the term “Christian rights,” because that assumes a “right” only applies to a specific group. It would seem to me something that only althusser ideology state apparatuses applies to a specific group is and ghost not a “right” but a “privilege.” I mean “right” as in the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” moral entitlements that apply to all people everywhere. And I don’t simply mean “are not physical,” since I believe there are real non-physical things that exist (and that “rights” would be among them!). I was saying on the previously espoused worldview, “rights” of any type don’t exist at all. Apparatuses. They don’t exist as physical things, and certainly don’t exist as non-physical things. I would be interested to and ghost read about empathy being the source of ethics when it is ready. First, it is generator free not the case that abortion is the only way to avoid a pregnancy. In a large majority of cases, various forms of birth control could work to do the trick. Very true. But then again, in hamlet, discussing these matters it is easy to disconnect from the reality of marilyn monroe what is happening. Christian’s are fighting not to cover contraception in their medical insurance plans – again evidence to how ethically sound religious reason is, once exposed to the real world. So we have to assume that contraception – because fatuous religious reasons – isn’t always available. Second, this still doesn’t resolve the question of hamlet who’s rights should be subsumed to ART-Stop Interior who’s. If the fetus is and ghost actually a human, then his/her rights also should not be subsumed to the mother’s. Hey, assign the fetus full human worth, full rights, full humanity. This is necessary to make my point. Does another adult person have rights to your body that supersede your own? The answer in conclusion free, every case is and ghost “No”. Even if use of designing Essay any of your organs would save their life, you still have the right to hamlet say no because it is your body and your organs, bodily autonomy if you will. So, why are you proscribing supererogatory rights to the fetus? Do you wish to create a class of human being that has the right to deny others their will. Seems like a less than ethical state of affairs to me. Third, given your admissions about the cosmic meaninglessness and insignificance of ART-Stop Service Essay life, I’m not sure where you get the notion of rights. I’ve given my accounting of it, which you obviously disagree with, but you have not. Wow, and you don’t seem to and ghost see the conclusion generator painful undulations you are undertaking to try and justify the existence of your sky-daddy? You have read the and ghost bible right? it is full of rape, torture and genocide – sure there are good bits – but nothing that is particularly original or divinely inspired (other mythologies feature sacrifice/death/rebirth etc. Essay. well before christian mythology took over). Human beings are social creatures, over time we have evolved keeping the hamlet structures in place that favoured our continuing existence. Empathy, altruism exist today because they have been repeated selected for over time. True, socially we learn things like empathy and altruism, but who cares? These seem to be deceptive constructs to designing Essay trick us into living by moral laws that don’t actually exist (on your worldview). Empathy and altruism deceptive constructs huh? The jebus-shaped hole in your heart must be proud of statements like that. Empathy is fundamental to any sort of useful ethical system. You would deny the empathic impulse because you have the dire need to describe your moral system in terms of “what sky-daddy said”. Uncritical acceptance of *any* moral system brings into stark relief the and ghost purported morality of said system. That should be testament enough to the corrosive power of religious thought. If empathy and altruism exist because there were repeated over time and help us survive, I could argue (from your premises) that religion exists for the same reason. So why do you accept empathy and altruism as real, but reject religious belief? I don’t deny the marilyn monroe empathic impulse, I asserted that on your worldview you SHOULD deny it for hamlet, the same reason you are now denying religion. Feel free to apparatuses continue trying to score rhetorical points by using terms like “sky daddy” and and ghost parroting the likes of Dawkins and Hitchens. It’s pretty clear this conversation is ART-Stop designing beginning to run in circles, so I’m going to bow out. “So consider this argument: 1. If we will for one woman to get an abortion, we should will for all women to and ghost get abortions. 2. If all women get abortions, we will go extinct. 3. We should not will for reading, our own extinction. 4. Thus, we should not will for all women to get abortions. 5. Thus, we should not will for any woman to get an hamlet abortion.” You make quite a considerable logical leap in your assumptions from premise 1 to premise 2. Implicitly you assume that the mere possibility of althusser women being allowed to legal receive abortions will result in all women, in fact, desiring abortions. This assumes that once it is fully legalized on a general basis, women everywhere from every culture around the world will no longer care about having children. They will no longer value the continuation of the human species. They will no longer feel social and hamlet cultural pressures to be mothers. Free. They will no longer derive joy from bring life to this Earth and raising their children to maturation. All of that will suddenly and irreversibly disappear. Now, how likely is that to happen, really? Moreover, there are a variety of hypothetical situations which could result in the extinction of humanity by ALLOWING all fetuses to mature and be born. Overpopulation could lead to massive starvation and famine. It could also lead to international wars due to immigration and racial/ethnic/cultural tension. Hamlet And Ghost. Or what if there is geology movies another Black Plague but twice as deadly and that moves twice as fast? These are just a few. Finally, we could even argue against this from a Nihilist perspective. Life is hamlet and ghost nothing but misery and monroe painting suffering. In that case, wouldn’t the extinction of humankind be a reprieve from the continual Hell in which we exist currently? Think back to the problem of evil, both moral and natural; wars, poverty, diseases, natural disasters, theft, adultery, bigotry, slavery, etc. As a result, the idea that abortions will result in extinction is alarmist and highly unlikely, downright improbable even. But even if it weren’t, there are still formidable objections to the first argument you present. “And argument two: 1. No person should be exempted from hamlet and ghost universal moral laws. 2. Reading. It is a universal moral law that abortion is wrong (see the hamlet and ghost argument above). 3. Interior Service. Therefore, no individual woman should be permitted to get an abortion.” Now, if argument two hinges on the success of argument one, as you state in premise 2, then I have nothing left to hamlet and ghost really say. Until you can answer my previous objections, Argument 2 is superfluous. But even so, all the marilyn regular objections that can be raised against Kant’s Categorical Imperative still apply. The CI is hamlet and ghost not pragmatic, it leads to further moral dilemmas, and it’s too idealistic. Just some food for thought. I do not assume “the mere possibility of women being allowed to legal receive abortions will result in geology movies, all women, in hamlet and ghost, fact, desiring abortions.” First, as I’ve stated in previous comments, this is an ethical argument, not a legal one. Second, as an ethical argument, it is an application of Kant’s categorical imperative. Conclusion Free. Kant held there could be no exceptions to moral rules. And Ghost. This was clearly pointed out in the version of the althusser apparatuses categorical imperative referenced, in a later paragraph in the post, and in comments. Thus, I am not saying that allowing one abortion will result in all women wanting abortion. Hamlet. I’m saying that, if we morally seek an abortion in one case, Kant requires it to be sought in every case. And abortion sought in every case becomes a problem very quickly. The possibility of generator counter-examples to this argument is interesting, and hamlet I thank you for pointing them out. I would say, as an initial thought, there are many things that COULD result in reading response examples, extinction, but universal abortion definitely WOULD result in extinction. Hamlet And Ghost. Additionally, a disease is monroe painting quite different morally than an intentional action on our part. One could argue anything from hamlet and ghost a Nihilist perspective. It all becomes a personal whim. If you can furnish arguments for taking nihilism seriously I would like to hear them. Notice the second argument you quote depends on the success of of the conclusion first broken down argument. There are a total of three arguments in the original post. Finally, I’m aware there are certain problems with the hamlet and ghost categorical imperative, as there are with every ethical theory. But it’s still a major player in ethics and worth consideration among thinking people. And the CI does not intend to be pragmatic, in geology movies, fact Kant specifically veers away from pragmatism, because it’s a false philosophy. I still think there’s some confusion. You state “Kant held there could be no exceptions to moral rules.” The point I want to raise is that the Categorical Imperative does not necessitate vague or overly broad moral principles to be universalized. It seems to me, and and ghost I may be wrong, that you interpret Kant as saying we have to utilize vague, general, absolute principles. However, I think he was arguing merely for generator free, a principle which could be universalized at all. How detailed or vague the principle is, is irrelevant. And Ghost. For example, I think Kant would be perfectly accepting if every reasonable person were to agree that “Abortions are immoral unless the health of the on Marxist mother is in danger due to becoming pregnant or the child is a product of rape or incest” rather than the more watered down “Abortion is immoral.” And that’s one of the criticisms raised against his system. If we utilize absolute standards, sure we have solid morality but it leads to all kinds of practical problems. However, if we whittle those standards/principles down to and ghost something more specific to be more inclusive of all “reasonable people” then we end up with useless moral tautologies that do nothing for us. And the reason why Kant’s moral philosophy fails is precisely because it’s not pragmatic. It does not lead us to solving moral solutions which should be the foundation of any new or modified code of ethics. Essay On Marxist Ideology. If it cannot help us to choose between alternative courses of action or instill us with certain values, it is useless. Just my view point. Overall, great article. Looking forward to and ghost reading and discussing more with you in the future. I’m not sure that Kant would take that approach though, primarily because of what we see in his “Supposed Right to Lie Because of Philanthropic Concerns.” He refused to free articulate a principle like “We can never lie, unless by doing so we can save someone’s life.” It’s because of this line in his thinking that I question whether he would articulate a principle like “Abortions are immoral unless the health of the mother is in danger due to becoming pregnant or the child is a product of hamlet rape or incest.” And I misunderstood what you meant by pragmatic, my apologies there. Painting. Of course a moral system has to be applicable to real life situations.

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All hospice work is spiritual work. This is what people who work in hospice often say. So as I approach chaplaincy with my hope of working in hospice, my question has been, If it’s all spiritual, why this path? Why not nursing? Or social work? I have come to this conclusion: because I want to be an advocate for the Spirit to people in the last days of their lives, and to their families, and to have the opportunity to remind professionals in the field of this nature of their work. It is a point of and ghost, faith for me that G_D is always with us, but I am very aware—from my family members, my neighbors, friends, professional colleagues, and generator free my own 50 years of experience—of how often we put off being with G_D. At the hours of crisis and of death we have an unprecedented chance to feel this connection. My goal is to support people in taking advantage of this opportunity to feel the presence of G_D in the world—in our family members and friends, and in ourselves. What I want from CPE training is to hamlet, work with mentors already walking this path in the care environments where I expect to designing Service Essay, work, with patients and their families. And I want to engage with peers, so I can know I’m not alone in this process. I feel that each of us has been blessed with the tools and skills we need, but it’s our responsibility to figure out what purpose we are meant to hamlet and ghost, serve. Geology Movies! I have a unique combination of skills, experience and temperament—I have already done work with the hamlet, dying and on Marxist their families, both in my life and as a hospice volunteer, I have been a nonprofit administrator for over 27 years, I am trained as a writer and have an MFA in hamlet, the craft, and I have a long-time spiritual practice, both inside and out of traditional religious structures, with a focus on mindfulness and the natural world. I believe that to geology movies, be of service as a chaplain weaves these many threads into hamlet a coherent tapestry. With a secular, religious and spiritual personal history, I will be able to build interfaith bridges, and reach out to those who have no religious background at all. I believe that CPE will be a major step onto this path, where I will gain the training and experience necessary to be of service to people and communities in poignant and important moments. I am proud of my work with nonprofits, but I have never felt called, and I am ready for generator free the challenge. And Ghost! I believe that the difficulties we experience, and the surrender we offer when we make significant changes, are the sacrifice we place on G_D’s alter—their difficulty is in direct proportion to their value. With this in mind I anticipate the CPE process with both excitement and some apprehension. Through prayer, contemplation, and conversation with loved ones and geology movies trusted advisors, I’ve come to believe that the work of chaplaincy would use the whole of me. It is part of my faith that G_D has a plan for each of us, and it is our responsibility to try to feel into that plan as best we can in our practice of hamlet and ghost, tikkun olam, the healing of the reading response examples, world. I believe that CPE will help me to better be a part of hamlet and ghost, that healing. Application for Clinical Pastoral Education–#2: A description of my spiritual growth and development. My mother was an atheist who identified historically and culturally as a Jew, the child of immigrants. My father’s faith lineage was an undefined and little-discussed mix of Protestantism, and the only piece of his spiritual heritage I’m certain of is that his father was a lifelong Spiritualist after an reading response, experience he had in World War I. Hamlet! My dad was what I’ve come to call a seeker , meditating and practicing Buddhism, and yoga on conclusion the back porch. He was a tenderhearted man who spent much of his life quietly making peace with the hamlet and ghost, men he killed in WWII. We celebrated both Christmas and Chanukah. I have vague memories of Essay, attending Unitarian services, but mostly as a boy I identified with my mom’s atheism. At the same time, I have early memories of being what I would now call an animist: I had conversations with the wind, made friends with the rain, created an elaborate apology ceremony when my father cleared a patch of thistles on our land. And Ghost! My first lessons in ethics that I remember were visiting my half-sister, and Interior Service then my father, when they went to jail against hamlet and ghost, the draft. Growing up in a ‘60s and ‘70s counterculture Bay Area, the overarching world-view I experienced was relativistic: we each create our own reality, and geology movies it’s your business what you believe in. Those who challenge your beliefs just have another (equally valid) point of view that can stand as a companion to your belief, but cannot alter or eclipse it. As a result, medical, dietary and spiritual practices around me were varied and extraordinary. Hamlet And Ghost! In response, I came to see all truths, beliefs, and lifestyles as being simply accessories. Looking back, I think I was spiritually disabled. The idea of “consensus reality” was outside of my conception, especially in regard to designing Service, spirituality, but I also felt isolated and yearned to hamlet and ghost, be a part of a bigger, real, process. Around the age of eight, I had what I think of generator, now as a watershed spiritual experience. I have no context or explanation for it, but it was formative. I was helping my mother carry groceries into the house, in the hallway with bags in my arms, and I thought in an eight-year-old-child’s way, I’m going to let myself completely conceive of and ghost, death. I have never been able to get back to what I thought that day, but it scared me so deeply that I spent weeks afterwards having to distract myself, either reading endlessly or, more dramatically, saying No out loud every waking moment. Essay On Marxist Ideology! Needless to say, my parents were concerned about me. But whatever I saw was so frightening that I couldn’t tell them what had happened. Hamlet! They sent me to a child psychologist, who I refused to speak to. I don’t know how I incorporated this event, but I feel it gave me a different relationship with death then, and for marilyn painting the rest of my life. It could be said that it was what didn’t happen around my mother’s death was a major influence on my spiritual development. And Ghost! As an atheist, she felt rituals were superstitions, and ideology and ideological apparatuses so when she died our family had no funeral, no memorial. She was either cremated or donated her body. It was years before I realized how this absence formed me, created a deep yearning in me for presence. After high school and and ghost some years in and out of college, I became involved in the antinuclear movement, doing civil disobedience and going to Essay on Marxist, jail for acts of conscience, much as I had seen my dad and hamlet my sister do when I was a child. This was the first place I met people who were public in their faith. They were older, in their 40s to ideology state, 80s, and were acting in the tradition of, and sometimes directly involved in, the Catholic Workers Movement. Levelheaded, good-spirited and funny, they spent hours a day in hamlet and ghost, prayer and reading while my peers played out conclusion generator free, what often felt like ego-driven revolutionary posturing. Given my upbringing, this was my first experience of religious people, and and ghost it was counter to the stereotypes I held of them as conservative, closed minded and unkind. I was impressed by reading response examples the congruency between their beliefs and their actions, and it made me want that too. At this time, in hamlet and ghost, my early twenties, I began to tentatively pray and meditate myself, although I was confused about what or who I was praying to. In my early thirties I had another “watershed of spirit.” I was by myself for a few days at and ideological, a cabin that some friends owned in the backwoods of Trinity County. One morning, I was sitting out hamlet, front, staring at an old oak that grew in generator free, his yard, and hamlet and ghost it came to me in a moment: if someone with an entirely different world view than mine—say, an 80 year-old North Chinese woman who had spent her entire life in monroe painting, her village—if she dropped from the sky and landed in the chair next to hamlet and ghost, me, she would see the tree in front of her. To her it would have a different name, different associations, maybe it would be so unlike the trees where she came from she wouldn’t identify it as such, but if she walked over and put her hand on it, she would be stopped by its material, would feel its roughness. From this obvious fact, the althusser and ideological state apparatuses, whole world reorganized for me. My old Chinese woman, of her own volition, would smell the dustiness and feel the sun on her skin. She could drink from my water bottle and be quenched. And Ghost! In regard to occurrence, we would be companions. Different experience, same components. As a response to my early relativistic upbringing, this changed the vantage from where I stood in existence: instead of being at the center of everything and working so hard to create it with my mind, I and everyone else moved around a core of reality, or truth, coming to our own decisions about it. I felt pretty sure that this truth was so big and complex it was beyond our collective, much less my individual, understanding, but I found great comfort in the strange anchor of response examples, a reality independent of me. While in college I fell in love with Flannery O’Connor’s fiction, and after graduation, while working on a boat in Alaska, I read The Habit of Being , a collection of her letters. Part of hamlet, what I love about O’Connor’s stories is the mysterious motions of grace embedded in them. She was a devout Catholic and an admirer of the work of geology movies, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Reading her letters I could see how these sometimes violent, mysterious stories were expressions of her faith, and how her intellect worked in conjunction with her Catholicism. I began to and ghost, feel a pathway toward a spiritual life (which I had always felt, but was embarrassed by) that didn’t require me to abandon my critical faculties. Back in San Francisco, a friend who had grown up attending Sherith Israel Synagogue took me to her temple. As Shabbat prayers began, she pointed out for me where we were in the siddur and I read along to myself in English and stood and ART-Stop Interior Essay sat down when everybody else did. I was amazed as I read—the words about hamlet and ghost, justice and kindness to strangers were ethics I had learned in my home and geology movies thought of as things my family had given me, but I realized as the service proceeded that these values had been passed down for hamlet and ghost thousands of years through a spiritual lineage. All the work I had done in Service, politics, the and ghost, time I had spent in jail, were brought into a new light for me that evening. The next morning I went with my friend to Torah study, and here again I was surprised. The story was the monroe painting, binding of Isaac. I imagined that the rabbi would read to us from the bible, and then she would give us a sermon and and ghost tell us what to think about the portion. And Ideological Apparatuses! While the hamlet and ghost, rabbi did read it out loud, she then opened the conversation with a question: “What kind of marilyn monroe painting, a horrible god would do something this?” What followed was a roundtable discussion of the nature of G_D in and ghost, Genesis. It was heated, back and forth, and reminded me of literature classes I had loved. A lot of anger and doubt was expressed at ideology and ideological state, G_D’s actions. In the car, my friend explained that not only was the conversation about Torah at these studies between the people at the table, but they were between everyone who had ever discussed the meaning and nature of the text. It was a dinner table argument that went on for thousands of years. Suddenly, and ever since, I was in love with being a Jew. Hamlet And Ghost! I studied Jewish meditation and attended services with R. Alan Lew at geology movies, Congregation Beth Sholom, and did spiritual direction work with R. Burt Jacobson, who exposed me to hamlet, Mussar tradition, a Jewish tradition teaching tools for leading an ethical life. I began reading extensively, and in the years that followed attended weekly services, primarily at generator, Jewish Renewal congregations such as Beit Tikkun and Chochmat Halev. This eventually led to me doing my adult bar mitzvah in 2008. My family and I have been active with the Petaluma temple, B’nai Israel, for the last eight years. Hamlet! This has been a place where our family has celebrated holidays, and participated in supportive Jewish community. It has given me a place to pray with others, and to deepen my appreciation for, and joy in, the Jewish traditions. When I was 34, I was accepted into and ideological state apparatuses an MFA Creative Writing program in Spokane, Washington. Returning to San Francisco a few years later, Masters and a short story collection in hand, I hit a wall. Writing is a solitary practice, a form of prayer, ultimately between the hamlet and ghost, writer and the Creative Force, and I love that about it, but I had also found great satisfaction being in an environment with comrades, friends and teachers who understood the struggle of the work. State! Now with school done, I worked to keep writing, but I was lonely, blocked, and became depressed. I slept, I ate and I went to my job. But in hamlet and ghost, my personal life I was in an existential crisis that was a corollary to monroe, the one about the physical world I had experienced when I was younger: I found myself wanting to know one thing that was absolutely true, not just for and ghost me, but for creation. I couldn’t come up with anything. Until I did. Essay On Marxist! Again, it came to me suddenly. What was the truth? It is better to be kind. It gave me an enormous sense of relief, I felt physically lighter. It wasn’t that I had to be kind—to people I knew, to strangers, rich or poor folks, myself. I was not compelled. I just somehow knew that it was better to do that, and and ghost I committed to try harder. In my life I have felt a yearning to deemphasize myself as an individual and be a part of something bigger. My life with Rachel and our daughter has given me this for Essay the last sixteen years. The spiritual path of the householder has brought me rigor and humility, joy and insight, every day. Hamlet And Ghost! Faced with the reality of unfolding generations, I see how we really are just like the grass in the field, sprouting, growing, only to whither and die. And this is fine with me. I believe that this is what, in 12-Step meetings, is called “being right-sized.” After Rachel and I got together and before our daughter was born, I spent three years immersed in the 12-step community, addressing habits I had developed in the months after finishing graduate school, but that, even as my outlook and circumstances changed, I found difficult to shake. This, along with often attending Shabbat services and free coming to identify as a Jew among Jews, gave me my first experience of spiritual practice in a group context. Hamlet And Ghost! I learned more about althusser ideology state, prayer, and about the hamlet, joy of surrender to a community and a tradition. Judaism’s focus on a spiritual community rather than an individual, continues to be a positive challenge for me. When our daughter was one, she was experiencing some physical difficulties, and a family friend put us in geology movies, contact with a man who had spent a number of hamlet and ghost, years in the South-American rainforests, first as an environmental activist, then training and apprenticing with indigenous healers. He helped our daughter, and he offered to reading, help me. I have now sat with this shaman for twelve years. The practice and community around him offer an additional spiritual support network that has helped to deepen my efficacy, sense of purpose and overall “grit.” Abraham Heschel famously said of and ghost, his march in response examples, Selma with MLK and other activists, “I felt my feet were praying.” I feel that throughout my life I have often felt a spiritual quickening when I have been taking action: facing the hamlet and ghost, death of loved ones, hitchhiking, working, civil disobedience. In the on Marxist Ideology, years since starting a family, taking action has become an even more important part of my spiritual practice, and this has manifested in and ghost, being a parent and volunteer at a Waldorf school, keeping bees, and being a hospice volunteer. In 2005, I began training as a volunteer at Hospice of Petaluma. There is althusser and ideological a saying among people who do the work, “All hospice work is spiritual work,” and I find it to be true. Providing physical and hamlet emotional support to the dying and their families gave me the opportunity to sit with death and life, and to look at my own life and my priorities from that perspective. I found the quiet and the needs of Essay, that time to hamlet and ghost, be a place where I could hear G_D’s voice better. One of the training sessions was led by monroe painting Hospice of Petaluma’s medical director, Dr. Scott Eberle, whose connection to the School of Lost Borders, inspired me. The School gives youth, hospice workers, and others wilderness rites-of-passage rituals. Eight years after meeting Dr. Eberle, I went to California’s Owen’s Valley to take part in my first vision fast. After four days of hamlet, clarifying intentions with the other participants and the guides, I trekked to Essay Ideology, a solo campsite in the Inyo Mountains with four jugs of water and no food, and sat for hamlet four days staring at the Sierra Nevadas. From this solitary place and time, I returned with a clearer sense of Ideology, where I was in life, the gifts I have to offer, and a direct experience of and ghost, support by the Spirit. Over a year later, I continue to feel the Ideology, ripples of this time on a daily basis, and have begun training as a vision fast guide. Hamlet And Ghost! I intend to incorporate this stream of earth-based knowing into marilyn my work as a chaplain. My path has been unorthodox, but I believe the crooked way to the Spirit is not uncommon. I hope that my experiences will allow me to be a more empathetic servant, and someone who individuals from hamlet, nontraditional backgrounds can identify with, and and ideological apparatuses use as a source of comfort. Application for hamlet and ghost Clinical Pastoral Education–#1: A reasonably full account of my life. Writing a letter to ideology and ideological state, a friend that recaps my path to chaplaincy this morning, I realized I had never posted my essay for hamlet applying for Clinical Pastoral Education. It has five parts: A reasonably full account of generator, my life. A description of my spiritual growth and development. A description of my vocational history. And Ghost! An account of a “helping incident.” My impressions of clinical pastoral education. I’m going to post numbers 1,2 and 5 here as separate posts, as I think I’m going to be referring back to this essay from time to time. Even broken into monroe painting separate posts, they’re long for a blog, so forgive me if you were looking for a quick read. Here’s #1, “A reasonably full account of my life.” As always, love to hear your thoughts. A reasonably full account of my life. I was born in 1964 in Los Gatos, California. While very different from hamlet, each other and ultimately divorcing, my parents shared a respect for Interior designing a life of the mind and a stubborn independence. Hamlet! Both had been married before. Eleanor was born in 1921 in Essay on Marxist Ideology, Chicago to Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, was a feminist and atheist who identified with her Jewish heritage. Thorne was from Carmel-by-the-Sea and a WWII veteran, with a piece of shrapnel in hamlet, his back and a PTSD diagnosis. He was a seeker who did yoga and meditation, chanting and Nichiren Buddhist gatherings, and corresponded with Ram Dass about appeasing the souls of the men he had killed in the war. As a family, we celebrated Christmas and Channukah in a secular way, and geology movies when I was young we went to Unitarian services. My mother had a daughter from her first marriage, Ann. She was fourteen years older than me, and when I was four, she went to UC Berkeley, where she came out as a lesbian separatist and joined the Gay Liberation Front. My parents were supportive, and I have a photo of hamlet and ghost, us in Sproul Plaza wearing handmade lavender sweatshirts reading Gay Lib Mom, Gay Lib Dad, and Gay Lib Little Bro . Ann came home weekends and summers, told me about her witchcraft classes, and taught me “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” with all the marilyn, pronouns for G-D switched to the Feminine. During that same time, my father and Ann both went to jail for sitting in at the Oakland Induction Center against the draft, and we visited them during their incarcerations. My father was arrested with Ira Sandperl and Joan Baez and came home with a deep yearning to follow in the steps of hamlet and ghost, Gandhi. He sent his WWII medals to President Nixon, along with a six-page letter against the Viet Nam War. He also sent a copy to his father, a WWI veteran and at the time Head of Americanism for the Veterans of Foreign War. Dad never heard back from Nixon, but Grandpa responded with a postcard: “I do not agree with your actions, but I defend to the death your right to take them.” After graduating from UC, Ann spent some years in Europe, and when I was eleven my parents sent me to live with her in Athens for a few months. While there, my sister, who had studied education in school, assigned me readings—Graves’ The Greek Myths, Fitzgerald’s translation of reading response, The Odyssey , Hamilton’s Mythology . We played Monopoly in Greek and traveled by bus to the mainland sites and by ferry to the islands of hamlet and ghost, Crete and Ithaca. When I returned to the United States, my parents had decided to get divorced. My dad moved out to an old Jesuit retreat center in Essay on Marxist, the Santa Cruz Mountains, then bought 30 acres in Eastern Washington with a half-built, unelectrified and unplumbed cabin, 25 miles from the Canadian border. I moved up there the hamlet and ghost, summer of 7 th grade and we slept outside and worked to get the place in order before the snow flew. I spent the reading response, next couple of years shuttling between California and Washington, suburban and rural. The cabin never really got in order. We put electricity in and ghost, after a few years, but we still hauled water to the house every day from the creek. One winter when I was up there, my mother told us in the P.S. of response examples, a letter that she had found a lump in her breast and that she was getting the mass removed the next day, but it was nothing to worry about. I was living in hamlet, California two years later when my mother died in the hospital. I had asked her once what she thought death was and generator she said, “It’s like a light switch being turned off.” It’s not surprising that she died panicked and crying, with the mandate to do whatever was medically possible to hold it at bay. There was no funeral and no memorial. I believe she thought these superstitious. I was fifteen, and have no memory of what I was feeling, or of talking about it with anybody. I never saw her body, and hamlet I was back at school two days later. My father offered to Essay on Marxist Ideology, come from Washington, but there were bad feelings between him and my grandma and my sister, so they asked him to stay away. I lived with my sister and her new husband in and ghost, the house where I grew up, and continued going to high school. My sister and I struggled, but her husband was a kind and comforting presence. Looking back, I can see my sister was 25 years old, a young woman suddenly saddled with a house in a place she mostly despised, her beloved mother dead, and reading response examples responsible for an 82 year-old woman and a 15 year-old boy who verged on feral. Hamlet! It must have been extremely difficult and confusing for her. I lived there with them for a year. When I told her I was hitchhiking north with a friend the summer of my junior year, I can’t blame her for showing relief. I worked in orchards and restaurants in Washington and Idaho, visited my dad, and fell in love for the first time, then returned to Los Gatos and found a place to live, in my town’s only residential hotel. I had a bedroom with a lock, and shared bathroom and kitchen privileges with others on Essay my floor. I was sixteen years old, and living on hamlet my own. I met Penny through her daughter, Amy, who went to my high school. Penny was perhaps the smartest, most honorable, and infuriating person I’ve ever met, not because she didn’t care what other people thought, but because she believed deeply in being free. This freedom was not easy for geology movies her. She was an alcoholic with a two pack a day habit and a love of hamlet, poker. Essay On Marxist! She was also a voracious reader—Flannery O’Connor and Jim Harrison were two favorites. She was an atheist and feminist like my mother, but wild like my dad. Over the next few years I spent many nights at Amy and Penny’s kitchen table talking, arguing and laughing, sleeping on hamlet and ghost their couch. Penny, while a menace and an attractive nuisance in so many ways, helped me to hone my thinking and my ethical ideals. After high school I moved to Santa Cruz and lived there for on Marxist three years, going to school, playing music, and working. In March 1986, a number of friends took part in the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament (GPM), and I became involved in the local organizing, media outreach and fundraising. When the GPM was halfway across the country its administrative base moved to DC, and I went with them. And Ghost! That year, I did civil disobedience for the first time at the Nevada Test Site, earning 30 days in jail. It was there I was first exposed to religious people who I found ethically, radically consistent—Catholic Worker folks, often seniors who spent hours a day in their cells, praying. I spent the next three years organizing and doing direct action demonstrations in Florida, Nevada, and the San Francisco Bay Area, demonstrating against Essay Ideology, nuclear weapons, the wars in Central America, protecting the environment, and supporting the hamlet and ghost, rights of ideology and ideological state apparatuses, people who are poor and hamlet homeless. Examples! During that time, now living in San Francisco, I worked in restaurants and as a door-to-door canvasser for peace and justice organizations. I estimate I spent about and ghost, nine months in designing, various jails during this time. I continued to be impressed by the seriousness and humility with which religious people took part in hamlet and ghost, these activities, and began to notice and wonder about the high representation of people, like myself, of Jewish descent, who seemed reluctant to discuss our heritage. After about two years I began to wonder whether I was investing, with my actions, in ART-Stop designing Service, the continuation of hamlet, what I protested against, and began considering what I wanted in the world as well as what I didn’t. I started classes at marilyn painting, City College of San Francisco and decided to get my bachelors. At that time my mother’s mother, Bella Liph, died of a heart attack. I was 25. Again, I never saw her body and there was no memorial. I soon switched from City College to New College of California. There I came into my own, publishing in the school’s literary journal and small magazines, doing readings, and finding a joy in being a student I had never had before. I also studied a semester in hamlet and ghost, Mexico. ART-Stop Service Essay! I graduated with a BA in Humanities with an emphasis in Creative Writing. After graduating, I traveled and worked in Alaska, then returned to San Francisco, where I started work at the front counter of Tassajara Bakery and soon became a baker. And Ghost! While working there I also wrote short stories. Amy and reading examples Penny had moved to San Francisco, and we all lived and worked in the Upper Haight. Hamlet And Ghost! Soon, I decided to apply for an MFA program in Creative Writing. It was at this time that I first went to services at a synagogue and fell in love with the spiritual practice of being a Jew (see #3, “A description of your spiritual growth and Interior designing Essay development”). I was accepted at three graduate programs, and and ghost went with the ART-Stop Essay, one in Spokane, Eastern Washington University. The teachers were good, and I would live near my father for the first time in and ghost, years. While this was happening, Penny developed a chronic cough. It turned out she had late-stage lung cancer and, presented with her options and probable outcomes, chose no treatment and althusser state was given a year to live. I suggested delaying my start at the Writing program but she was against it. She had always been my best editor and reader, and I believe she took my attending the MFA program to hamlet, be as much a victory for her as it was for me. I left for Spokane, found an apartment in a few days, but my first night there I was contacted by a family friend. “You should come down now,” she said. I got there the response, next evening, but Penny was gone. Entering the program, I was in a strange combination of grief and and ghost excitement, having just lost someone who had become family to me, but beginning a process I had dreamed about for years. For the first time, I attended grief counseling through the school’s Counseling Program. The two years I was in the MFA program were an extraordinary and monastic experience, with 30 other people from across the country who took the work as seriously as I did. After finishing my thesis and geology movies graduation, I moved back to and ghost, San Francisco and started at the bakery again, then became the office manager at a methadone clinic. It was a hard time for me (see #3, “A description of your spiritual growth and development”). I had surpassed my own expectations in getting a Masters, I finally had to live with the death of my friend, I was sending out stories but getting none published. And Ideological! I was faced with confusion and sadness that was manifesting in compulsive behaviors, and I was full of existential doubts and questions. I went through a “dark night of the soul” that lasted three months. But the methadone clinic oddly cheered me, letting me get out of and ghost, myself and help others. I was the first person clients saw each morning, and was often the voice answering the phone when people had “reached bottom” and geology movies were calling to hamlet, get on the program. I found I was able to sit with people in crisis and set a calm, welcoming tone, but also be firm and make good boundaries. I had a positive impact on the lives of our clients, and was moved by their bravery in the face of Ideology, events and lives that were so much darker than my own. Time passed, and the darkness lifted. Hamlet! I joined the cast of generator, Re: Place , a large performance inaugurating the opening of Zeum, an arts and technology museum in downtown SF. The director and I began working together on the script, and by the end of the show we had begun a relationship. A year later, she and I moved in together. I still struggled with the hamlet and ghost, habits that had arisen during my dark times, and began attending 12-step meetings, which I did for three years. State Apparatuses! I found a lot of solace in and ghost, those rooms. In 2000, we decided to have a baby. Our daughter, Esmé, is named after my mother, Eleanor, in the Jewish tradition of choosing a name with the first letter from conclusion free, a family member who has died. While Rachel was pregnant, I became the development director for a community-based neighborhood center, where I began to build the skills I’ve used to support my family for these last thirteen years. When Esmé was one, Rachel got a California Arts Council Grant to teach performance to youth, and we moved to Point Reyes Station and I began working from home part time. As the hamlet and ghost, years passed, I evolved from staff at the center to Essay, being a consultant to them and and ghost working with other nonprofits as well. Eventually we moved to Petaluma where we live now, and Rachel began studying at Sonoma State’s graduate MFT program. It was at that time I began training as a hospice volunteer at Service, Hospice of Petaluma, something I had wanted to and ghost, do for a number of years. The training was 35 hours over geology movies, nine weeks, an hamlet, extraordinary physical, mental, social and spiritual preparation. In addition to the preparation for volunteering, this is where I first met Dr. Scott Eberle, their medical director, the author of The Final Crossing: Learning to Die in Order to Essay Ideology, Live. Hamlet! He is also the medical director for School of conclusion generator free, Lost Borders, an organization that has been taking individuals to hamlet and ghost, the desert for solo rites of passage since 1981. I felt deeply drawn to Interior designing Service Essay, this work, and hamlet talked with him often about it. After I completed my hospice training, I sat with dying clients and their family members weekly for over a year. My last client was an on Marxist, 80 year-old man who passed while I was there, and I had the privilege of and ghost, helping his niece and the hospice nurse prepare his body. ART-Stop Interior Service! I feel that any service I have provided as a hospice volunteer has been outweighed by the benefits I’ve received. This period of volunteering began in me a long reevaluation of my priorities, of what is true and what is false. This application for chaplaincy training traces directly back to hamlet and ghost, this service. Not long after that client passed, my half-brother Jeff died. Reading! I was advised to take time off from volunteering, and, in fact, benefited from grief counseling with hospice. Hamlet And Ghost! Finally, eight years later, I’ve been able to return as a volunteer. I will begin working as a grief counselor with Hospice of Petaluma in January 2015. In 2007 I began a two-year training for an adult bar mitzvah, studying Hebrew, the Jewish liturgy and the prayers weekly with Judith Goleman at response, Congregation Shomrei Torah in Santa Rosa (at the time there was no adult bar mitzvah class at hamlet, my temple in Petaluma, B’nai Israel). ART-Stop Service! This deepened my commitment to hamlet, a daily spiritual practice, to Judaism and myself as a Jew. I received bar mitzvah in 2008. I also began beekeeping around this time, and the hives have given me so much more than honey—spiritual comfort, intellectual stimulation, and althusser and ideological state the community of other beekeepers. Keeping bees keeps me aware of nature’s cycles of light, temperature and weather, and gives me a sense of the world’s scale. My wife wrote a book on urban homesteading—our home is and ghost alive with bees, gardens, chickens, rabbits, our daughter and greywater catchment systems. In 2012, my father died at the age of 82. I still miss him immensely, but a silver lining in the process is the relationships I have built with the children from Ideology, his first marriage. I grew up thinking of myself as an hamlet and ghost, only child, but as an adult, I feel that I have been blessed with siblings. In 2013, I finally listened to the call I had heard from Dr. Eberle so many years before, and in free, May took part in a four-day-and-night solo fast in the Inyo Mountains with School of Lost Borders, then four more days with the group, telling our stories and reintegrating. This ritual time alone marked a quickening of the call to hamlet and ghost, chaplaincy for me. Since my desert journey, I have continued to raise a daughter, be a husband, work at my job, and response meditate on the spiritual path of the householder. The process of rearing a human is engrossing, and also the most rigorous spiritual practice I’ve ever taken on. But I have felt a great calling to something that connects me to the world outside my blessed family life, and hamlet I have been praying for guidance. In June 2014, after much contemplation, I decided to begin the process of training to be a chaplain, with a long-term focus on designing palliative and hospice care.