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Portrait de gertrude stein

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Top 10 Reasons School Uniforms Should Be Banned. In the past few years, more and more schools have been requiring their students to wear uniforms. As many as one in eight American public schools have been implementing this policy. While there are many advocates for the continuous usage of school uniforms, there is another side that rallies against it. Why? You’ll find out in the list below. First, a Brief History of Uniforms. Although the uniform requirement has just been recently imposed, uniforms have been in existence for several centuries now. The first documented usage of a вЂstandard’ garment in education was in 1222, where students were required to portrait stein wear a “cappa clausa” or a robe-like outfit. Fast forward to legend of sleepy hollow 16 th century England, students of the de gertrude stein Christ Hospital Boarding School became the fathers of the fibonacci sequence in human вЂmodern school uniform.’ These children wore blue cassocks and de gertrude stein yellow stockings, to mirror the look of the clergymen who looked after them. Up to now, this uniform is still in use, making it the вЂoldest uniform in history.’ School Uniforms in the United States. While the English have long been using uniforms, the United States was quite loose with the uniform system. Essay. Only the students of private and parochial schools were first required to wear uniforms – at least until 1987. Stein. Maryland and Washington DC were the The Importance Church Essay first states to implement uniforms in public schools. Later on, other states followed suit. Despite such changes, all states are not compelled to require uniforms. Stein. However, more and more school districts are going against Reproductive, this ruling. If your school directors are thinking of doing so, then make sure to de gertrude stein let them read these top 10 reasons why school uniforms are a bad idea. 10 Uniforms Only Fuel Commercial Interests. Sad as it might seem, uniforms are only stimulating commercial interests. They are not solving the fibonacci concerns that they are geared for. In fact, numerous companies treat the uniform system as a major source of revenue. Portrait. After all, Americans shell out a whopping $1 billion dollars every year! Because of the bertha mason limitless profits that go with uniforms, it comes as no surprise why more and more corporations are lobbying for de gertrude, the requirement of these homogenized outfits. The UK Government’s Strategy Essay. Institutions such as Lands’ End are funding marketing efforts specifically targeted towards public schools. De Gertrude Stein. Similar institutions are also subsidizing studies that advocate the effectiveness of uniforms. So if you read an bertha mason, article that says uniforms are beneficial , there is a huge probability that it is biased. With that being said, it’s fair to say that such institutions are supporting studies on de gertrude stein, uniforms not because of concern, but because of the impact it has on virtues ethics, their businesses. It can be said that they are selling their uniforms not because the students need it, but because they can earn lots from it. Why rally behind a cause that will not really benefit you or your child, for that matter? While revenues that come from uniforms stimulate the American economy, they don’t support it the right way. Consumers – sadly, the portrait low-income ones – suffer a lot because of sequence in human body, these commercial interests. You wouldn’t want the poor to get the poorer, and de gertrude the rich to get richer – especially if it’s the wrong, selfish way. Although it isn’t obvious, uniforms do fuel wicked commercial interests, and they should be stopped before more hard-wasted money is lost. 9 Uniforms can be Detrimental to legend of sleepy ichabod crane Adult Development. The path to adult development is honed throughout the duration of early schooling. However, your transition towards adulthood can be hindered with uniforms. Since it is mandatory, you are not given the chance to decide for yourself, which is one of the hallmarks of adulthood. You know you are an adult when you are given the freedom to choose – whether you like this or that. When you were young, you know you are not an adult yet because your parents (aka the вЂadults’) made the decision for you. However, when you are restricted to wearing uniforms in portrait de gertrude stein school, you are denied the sequence opportunity to make decisions for yourself. After all, you do not have a choice because the others have already made it for you. Although this issue might be seen as a simple one, it can have a huge toll in a child’s transition to adulthood. Because he was not able to make choices when he was young, he will most likely be unprepared for the rigors of the portrait adult world . This dilemma is Government’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy Essay, rightly reflected in Erik Erikson’s stages of portrait de gertrude, psycho-social development. The stage of adolescence is seen as a crucial one, for in this phase the person asks who he is and what he can be. Most importantly, he can either develop identity or role confusion. Clothing is virtues ethics, considered as one of the means of building an identity, and portrait de gertrude without the virtues ethics freedom to choose, the development of such – as well as his transition to adulthood – can be severely dampened. 8 Uniforms can affect one’s Self-Image. Uniforms aim to give everybody a homogeneous look, right? Instead of improving a student’s self-image because he looks just like the others, it actually does the opposite. Students have different weights, body types and stein heights. Whenever one looks at himself in the mirror, he depreciates his self-image because he feels like he doesn’t look his best. Unfortunately, this case is often seen in girls, who feel вЂembarrassed’ when they go to bertha mason school in uniforms. De Gertrude. According to development psychologists, ladies have the huge tendency to virtues ethics compare how they look in uniforms. This is especially the case when the student sees herself to have a curvy or plus-size body . This also happens to portrait stein girls who deem themselves very short or very tall. I can go on virtues ethics, and on portrait de gertrude stein, about how uniforms affect self-image, but the most concrete evidence proves to The Female Reproductive System be the results of a study conducted by researchers from the Arizona State University. De Gertrude. The paper, entitled “Public School Uniforms: Effect on Perceptions of legend of sleepy ichabod, Gang Presence, School Climate, and Student Self-Perceptions,” shows that students who are not required to wear school uniforms demonstrated higher self-perception scores. That means these students have better views of self-image, compared to those who have to suffer the de gertrude pains of wearing uniforms to school. 7 Uniforms Actually Attract Bullies. If you thought that requiring all students to wear uniforms can lessen the chances of bullying, you are dead wrong! In fact, it can actually increase the fibonacci incidence of bullying, especially in school districts where violence rates are soaring. A 1999 study conducted by experts from Texas Southern University showed that bullying incidents increased by de gertrude, as much as 12%, after the implementation of mandatory uniform wearing. Echoing this sentiment is virtues ethics, a 2007 study published in the Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. Portrait. According to the research, assaults increased by as much as 14 incidences yearly, right after the fibonacci introduction of school uniforms. A similar finding was discovered by the Office of Education, Evaluation, and de gertrude Management of the Miami-Dade County. Violence, especially in the middle schools, increased by a hundred fold after the virtues ethics students were required to wear uniforms. Simply put, research shows that uniforms do not actually stop bullying. De Gertrude. People think that these can stop the violence, but they actually don’t. Even when everybody’s wearing the same thing, a student’s distinct personality will still stand out. Although clothes serve as a primary basis for violence and fibonacci bullying, bullies eventually find another way to show their status – that they are still better than their contemporaries. According to academician Tony Volk, an expert on portrait de gertrude stein, bullying, “There is The Female System, no evidence in de gertrude bullying literature that supports a reduction in violence due to legend of sleepy hollow school uniforms.” Even minus the uniform, he adds that bullies can come up with other reasons that can justify violence and aggression towards their fellow students. Whatever way you look at it, homogeneity is definitely boring. Seeing the same thing over and over again can be a ghastly sight for portrait stein, most. The fact that uniforms are boring is a definite reason why requiring it in hollow ichabod crane schools is de gertrude stein, a bad idea. There are many reasons why uniforms boring, and virtues ethics I could go on and on. Stein. But I’m not writing a novel, so I’ll make my reasons short and sweet. First, uniforms are boring because of their colors. More often than not, uniforms come in the most tedious of colors. It’s always navy blue, green, khaki, black and Reproductive System other dull colors. Pro-uniforms say these clothes help prepare the children for their future occupations. The last I checked I was allowed to wear lively clothes at work (as long as they are respectable-looking, of course.) Another reason why uniforms suck is the patterns. It’s always checkered or plaid, if you are lucky enough that your uniform does not come in portrait a single block color. And to The UK Government’s Principal Counter-Terrorism Strategy Essay further add insult to injury, you have to wear the same, boring day every freaking school day. Stein. Could I get an amen on The UK Principal Counter-Terrorism Essay, this? School can be boring at times – so why require students to de gertrude stein wear uniforms that are just as (if not more than) boring? If we want our kids to enjoy school – no matter how hard the fibonacci sequence lessons might be – a great start would be to let them wear clothes that they’ll be happy in. There are so many reasons why uniforms are a bad idea, and one that most of us could relate to stein is the fact that it can be so darn uncomfortable. I can hardly find a uniform-wearer who says that she feels cozy and snug in her boring attire. Short skirts can sometimes be too short, that a gust of of Attending Essay, wind can easily expose your underpants. Some uniforms are made from portrait de gertrude unpleasant fabrics that will make you itch from the bertha mason first class to the last class. Some are so badly-designed that they can make the wearer look bigger or pudgier. Yes, there are so many things that can make uniforms so horrendously uncomfortable. Perhaps the worst thing about uncomfortable uniforms is the portrait fact that it can actually get in legend hollow the way of learning. You focus more on your uniform, instead of what you need to learn at school. Let me give you a scenario. Say you have a short skirt. Portrait Stein. More often than not, you will end up tugging your skirt so that your privates are not revealed for the world to see. This is especially the case when you are sitting down. Since you are more concerned about your uniform, you will not be able to absorb the things that the teacher has just said. Instead of helping you out, your uniform can actually get in the way of learning. So if you ask me about, it shouldn’t be mandatory. Those who are in favor of uniforms believe that they are cheaper alternatives, because the students have to wear them every day. That is actually a point of contention, as uniforms are very costly too! In fact, Americans spend about $249 on uniforms yearly. When you compound all the people that have to buy school uniforms, it totals to $1 billion annually. Virtues Ethics. That’s the cost of the Chicago Cubs, LA Lakers, and the Toronto Maple Leafs (each team, of course.) Heck, you can buy the Solomon Islands for de gertrude stein, $1 billion. Sadly, the bertha mason spending does not stop there. The kids are continuously growing, so that means they could outgrow their uniforms anytime soon. In some institutions, the uniforms are changed when students transition to portrait middle school, junior high or senior high. So that’s $249 (even more) every time there’s a need to change uniforms or buy bigger ones. Although the cost is viewed reasonable by virtues ethics, middle-class or well-to-do families, the cost can be a burden for portrait de gertrude, the lower-class families. This is especially the case for those who turn to fibonacci sequence body public schools for free education. Portrait. They thought that they can provide their kids with free education, but it turns out they have to spend some anyway. Government’s. The additional costs are on the rise now, since more and more public school districts are now requiring their students to portrait wear uniforms. With that being said, uniforms are sometimes costlier than civilian clothing. In the midst of recession, every penny counts . Sequence Body. So instead of buying expensive uniform, why not let the children wear what they already have? 3 Uniforms Encourage Conformity – instead of Personality. Children are always taught to break free and stand out. But with uniforms, the schools are actually lobbying for the opposite. Uniforms actually force students to kowtow to the rules of conformity. After all, a pupil needs to wear something that is prescribed for everybody, not something that expresses his individuality. People who are for uniforms say that it promotes social conformity, so the less-to-do don’t have to be pressured to keep up with their well-off contemporaries. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. They still are forced to spend because the school requires their children to stein wear costly uniforms. They might also say that students can express their personalities in other ways, by way of virtues ethics, accessories, purses, or a new hairstyle. News Flash: some institutions prohibit it too. And for those who don’t, such can create disparity. In an effort to express individuality, students will struggle to wear the de gertrude stein newest trends, which are often expensive. Again, it is a massive blow to the family’s finances. But there are more problems with conformity than just the economic burden. The homogeneity that uniforms promote can dampen the Government’s students’ creativity and artistic growth. Someone who is used to looking like the portrait de gertrude stein others will have no drive to express his personality. Virtues Ethics. As such, the student might end up just вЂblending’ with the society, instead of de gertrude stein, making his mark in Principal Strategy the world. Uniforms create conformists, not insightful minds and intuitive thinkers. Think of all the brilliant ideas we stand to portrait de gertrude stein lose in the future. 2 Uniforms Violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees one the freedom of of sleepy hollow, religion, assembly, and right to petition. Most importantly, it assures a citizen’s freedom to portrait expression. Unfortunately, this is inherently violated by requiring the students to wear uniforms. Freedom of expression is not just about saying what you want to The Female say, it’s also about seeking and portrait imparting ideas, regardless of limits and bertha mason boundaries. Expressing your ideologies, beliefs and philosophies, unfortunately, are hindered by school uniforms. De Gertrude Stein. That’s because you are forced to wear something you don’t believe in. You are no longer given a chance to express your ideas, which you can impart simply by choosing the clothes you like to wear. As far as I know, we live in a free world – in a free country (unless you’re in Reproductive Essay North Korea, of course. And if you are, I’m happy that you were able to portrait de gertrude access the fibonacci sequence in human body internet!) We have the right to portrait stein voice our preferences and beliefs . If wearing a unique brand of clothing is one way for us to do so, then why should the authorities hamper us from expressing ourselves individually? People don’t take this seriously, that uniforms violate the Constitution. But if this happens on another platform, it would be immediately tagged as a clear and Reproductive direct violation of the First Amendment. As the “Star-Spangled Banner” says, this is the land of the free. Stein. If students are deprived of fibonacci sequence in human body, freedom of expression by requiring them to wear uniforms – then the United States no longer proves to portrait stein be the hollow ichabod land of the free anymore. 1 Simply Put, Uniforms are Generally Disliked! If only Facebook had a dislike button, mandatory uniforms would receive the thumbs down from students all over the globe. That’s because no student likes uniforms! You can search every corner in the world and no pupil would say that he loves his uniform. There have been numerous polls made to determine the acceptance of school uniforms, and portrait de gertrude stein most of them show that students are against them. Take the case of the Harford County Public School students, wherein 87.9% are in fibonacci in human strong disfavor of the mandatory uniform system. The parents of school children feel the portrait same way as well. The UK Strategy. According to the Rasmussen Reports, 47% of parents are against school uniforms, compared to the 41% who are in favor of school dresses. Portrait De Gertrude. 12% still remain undecided on the issue. So why are uniforms despised by learners and The Female Reproductive System Essay their parents as well? There are many reasons why, and we have enumerated most of them. Let me repeat it again for those who still don’t get the drift that school uniforms are a terrible idea. Uniforms fuel commercial interests, and they are detrimental to portrait adult development. Bertha Mason. They affect self-image, and even attract bullying and violence. In terms are usage, uniforms prove to be uncomfortable and costly. Portrait De Gertrude Stein. They can be very boring to wear and look at as well. Apart from being generally disliked, uniforms are a direct violation to The Importance of Attending Church Essay example the first amendment of the US Constitution. Portrait Stein. I can go on and on, but these do sum up the of Attending Church Essay reasons why school uniforms are a bad idea. While some studies show that school uniforms have numerous benefits, there are just as many reasons why requiring students to wear them is a bad idea. For one, it only fuels commercial interests. Companies that will benefit from the portrait stein profits are actually spending a lot on marketing campaigns, as well as researches that prove uniforms to be advantageous. Secondly, uniforms can be detrimental to adult development. Impeding one’s freedom to Reproductive System Essay choose can take a toll on portrait de gertrude stein, his transition to virtues ethics adult life. Thirdly, uniforms can negatively affect a student’s self-image. Uniforms fit people differently. As in the case of girls, who think of themselves badly because their uniforms don’t fit them well. Fourthly, uniforms actually attract bullies! The staggering results of numerous researches show that they do little to curb violence in school. In terms of personal style, uniforms are a bad idea because they are boring. Imagine wearing the same thing over and over again – until you graduate. Apart from being boring, uniforms are highly uncomfortable as well. De Gertrude Stein. Ugly fabrics and predetermined lengths can make the wearer feel uneasy, and in the end he might focus on his uniform rather than the lesson at hand. The high cost is Reproductive System Essay, another reason why uniforms should be banned. Instead of simply getting free public school education, parents are forced to spend as much as $249 every year. In terms of personal development, uniforms promote conformity rather than individuality. The homogeneity that results in this can get in de gertrude the way of the bertha mason student’s creativity and artistic freedom. Most importantly, the ruling on uniforms violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Portrait De Gertrude. It disregards the person’s freedom of expression, because he is not able to show his ideologies, and philosophies concerning clothing. Last but not the least, school uniforms are a bad idea because they are generally disliked. Bertha Mason. If the de gertrude students don’t like them, why should we force them to wear these garments anyway? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. If you liked this post, you’ll love these other popular topics! 10 Things You Should Know About the Future of Artificial Intelligence. 10 Reasons White Women Didn’t Vote for Hillary Clinton. 10 Best Action Movies of All Time. 10 Reasons You Don’t Have Any Friends. 10 Ways to Teach Your Child to be a Genius. there is of sleepy ichabod, a typo in #4 that says “Those who are in stein favor of legend of sleepy hollow crane, uniforms believe that they are cheaper alternatives, because the portrait students have to wear every day.” you missed the word them in “…. the students have to wear every day….” your not welcome ha. were do you live. i know where you live. So on your list “Why School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory” wouldn’t numbers 4,6, and 7 just make the “facts” listed in the mandatory list counter intuitive? Counter-intuitive? Contrary to intuition or to common-sense expectation? I’m gonna say no. My mistake. I meant they are contradicting each other. Yes they are. May the best argument win! True! I totally agree with you, and this has been a great help for my essay! Glad we could help! this is help for my essay too thanks. Uniforms are freaking stupid! It also helped me with my debate essay! Thank you soo. Much now I can convince my principal to get us off these dumb uniforms . This so help me with my essay. thanks,this help me with my essay. Thank you Eric! For reading. helped me essay thanxs. this helped a lot with my essay. The teacher is really strict,so hopefully i get a good score. Thanks a lot! I couldn’t think of anymore reasons for my final essay. yea listland i was in class nothing to write I’m researching them boom LISTLAND.COM popped up so thanks. Was anyone able to find the name of the actual author of fibonacci sequence in human, this article? I need to know for school reasons. thank you so much..this helps me so much with my essay. my real name is freddy krueger. 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School unforms should be baned forever. u cant even spell it tho. Keep it clean or you’re out. Why is everyone using the comments like a thread? You can reply to portrait comments, you don’t need to add another one! You have a pretty biased view of school uniforms, putting them in an unfair light by using such words as “They’re just boring” “They should be banned!” , etc, etc. When i read the “uniforms actually increase bullying” one, I was intrigued, then shocked to find out that you guys posted nothing but “It increased so-and-so percent”. System Essay. There is absolutely no significant evidence that the portrait uniforms caused that (false cause), except for the percentages of course. Maybe the The Female System bullies did find another thing to bully them about, and that’s why it increased! And the first amendment violation one? Bull-poop. Basically anything a parent says to do to a child (etc: “eat your veggies”, “clean your room”) should be counted as a violation of that. That rule only counts towards serious things such as communism, where a person’s freedom is CLEARLY supressed. they also made a list why uniforms should be mandetory. He bob donald trump is better than obama i mean your no better yourself i read your comments and portrait you sound like a stalker. I once attended a school that required the students to fibonacci in human body wear uniforms. My family, at the beginning went to stein a pace where they sold overgrown shirts as well. The Importance Of Attending. Our family wasn’t really poor, so we bought new ones. Unfortunately they started to wear out in the middle of the year. Portrait De Gertrude. There was only one place to obtain new ones because I attended a school that sold its own shirts. I was once in virtues ethics a public school, in the same area, that sold shirt or four dollars. The charter school however, sold shirts that were almost thirteen dollars. The funny part, my old uniforms for the public school lasted three years and portrait my brother, in sixth grade, has yet to wear them out. Fibonacci Sequence Body. I don’t understand why the charter schools shirts cost more money. I have gone through three of my shirts and one is starting to fall apart. The mornings are hard, trying to find a shirt. According to the principal “If you want to wear it, it has to have a logo.” I was fine with the requirements until there was a new rule where you “may not wear a jacket that does not have the logo on it. The school board made the rule in the middle of de gertrude, of the System day, in the midst of winter. Portrait Stein. Children, at bertha mason the time I was in eighth grade, was forced to take off there jacket during recess. The eighth graders have recess with the sixth graders. At the time I felt bad for the siblings, most of the eighth graders had siblings in sixth. Uniforms could possibly linked to bullying and low self esteem. When I went to portrait de gertrude stein school, one could say I was definitely not a size zero. Bertha Mason. The uniforms were designed for slimmer girls, and I tried everything I could to appear slim. If the stein main goal of those uniforms was to stop obesity in children, they would certainly win some kind of award. Now I know what you are thinking, “this is super biased” and legend of sleepy “this is probably just one school”. This happened to me in de gertrude multiple schools, the sizes always brought down my self esteem. There are some perks to fibonacci sequence in human a school uniform and people may disagree with my protest against them. I can not truthfully say that I am not biased. I have had, multiple, extremely horrible experiences with them. i hate uniforms. yeah i hate uniforms to. There’s a reply button. If you notice it, feel free to portrait use it! That way, there arent a ton of comments that seem addressed to random people! good job with the pictures. uniforms really attract bulies. Please use the reply button. I feel like this is The UK Essay, totally biased. Right now in portrait stein my class we are doing a against and for thing there are many against and for thing and The Female System I am doing why shouldn’t we wear uniforms so and I also hate school uniforms plz give me some tips about why we shouldn’t wear uniforms in the comment plz. Give me some more tips than this plz. my school used have uniforms they were unconfortable! I had to go to portrait a school with uniforms for 5 years. What I learned from that experience is that school uniforms may seem like a big, cool thing in all, but you actually do get bullied more in a uniform school vs a normal public school. More kids than at the school I went after the uniform school killed them selves from of Attending Church Essay example bullies than the new school I went to. I remember one girl was small, and wasn’t very good looking, so many made fun of her and laughed. She was very hurt and portrait many could see it. I moved and I called my friend and he said that she killed her self 2 weeks after I moved. Virtues Ethics. 5 other people committed suicide within a space of portrait de gertrude, 7 months at the school. Even I remember being bullied. In fact, everyone got bullied at my school, except for all the cool kids and stuff. I don’t want people to pity me, I’m just saying that if you are excited about school uniforms, maybe check twice. deadpool is cool. this is about uniforms not about other cool stuff. WE SHOULD NOT WEAR UNIFORMS. They are uncomfortable, most likely disliked by 99% of most of the schools. Bertha Mason. 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My best friend went to private school…we’ve been friends since high school and are almost 30 now…she is attracted to rebellion possibly because her parents were strict….the biggest issue with her and Essay “rebellion” is she’s hanging out portrait de gertrude with extremely trashy people….she can’t tell the difference between an artistically, intelligent, interesting rebel vs straight up white trash. I think this is due to The UK Government’s Principal Counter-Terrorism the uniforms. I sound incredibly snobby saying this but she’s not hanging around nice people who came from poor families. Portrait De Gertrude. These people are IDIOTS. Of Attending Example. And they are gross, miserable and dumb. She’s the prettiest girl I know and portrait de gertrude stein its obvious she comes from a family of educated classy people. She told me I’m not ” real” lol because of my snobbishness lately. Virtues Ethics. I don’t think she knows what she means by “real” we are 30. It’s not cool to be gross. Portrait De Gertrude. We are from New England. Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Crane. The “hillbillies” here are usually white kids who wanted to portrait be black in high school. It’s very trashy especially when their wearing faded FUBU or PACO jeans 15 years later. She’s not hanging around the laid back faded Levi’s blue collar guy…she’s hanging around gross ppl! It’s annoying. She’s engaged to the white trash ghetto guy. I call them “white trash ghetto”. I would never be able to explain this to Government’s Principal Counter-Terrorism Strategy her. It’s just hard to watch. Clothes are very important! You can easily tell the difference between an intelligent person who isn’t materialistic and de gertrude one whose just straight up trash or bad taste because they are dumb. My friend who wore uniforms doesn’t know the virtues ethics difference. I’ve been wearing uniforms my entire life ( I’m only in portrait de gertrude stein high school) and from my experience I’ve found that people get bullied a lot more than when they wear their own clothes. I’m a black belt in karate and it’s really helped me when it comes to fibonacci in human people who ever try to bully me or my best friends. I’ll literally FIGHT for my friend and my mom. we hate uniform I prefer regular clothes to portrait de gertrude school but my mom put me in a school with uni. For your 3rd point, you said that uniforms prevent self-expression. Virtues Ethics. But point #7 says that “Even when everybody’s wearing the same thing, a student’s distinct personality will still stand out.”. Portrait De Gertrude Stein. Also, a student can express his or herself in ways besides clothing. This is certainly true thanks for the homework help! Thanks for this site. i definitely agree with you! i have uniforms and i HATE it. You can ask Trump to ban uniforms at public and private schools .that would not be an issue to him. Actually, speaking about education,MR Donald seems to be interested in The Importance Essay example banning education itself to those most in need. MY NAME IS PATRICK AND I CURRESS YOUR MOTHER. Patrick is about to get bounced. Portrait De Gertrude. Play nice Patty. it is virtues ethics, helpful for de gertrude, homework. im doing this for homework but god might not. i am doing this for homework but god might not. do you like snakes. Just to sequence in human body be clear, the burqa is not a uniform. ? And attempting to ban it is hardly popular these days. it was VERY helpful. You should not ware uniform because one day you can fit the portrait uniforms then the next day you can not your mom and Principal Essay dad have to de gertrude stein pay for System Essay, a new uniforms and want if your mom and dad do not have a lot of money for portrait stein, your uniform. These are so true. Some of these points need more back up with evidence. Some are also quite stupid in general, indeed quite childish coming from an virtues ethics, actual writer. These Are Not Stupid Reasons all Of These are true i see all of them happen at my school especially The self image part mostly////Every child labels them as something. To Short/To Fat/To Tall/To Skinny Kids look at people wearing the same clothes as they are and they look different so they feel different and that can make them feel more worthless than the other kids. Some kids react different////some kids get depressed over this and portrait that can lead to anxiety witch in some cases can be suicide So These are not Stupid in Any Way. My kids hate uniforms. They feel like inmates wearing prison garments. Not to bertha mason mention, most stores only sell them seasonally. So if you want to buy one after October it’s H-E double hockey sticks to.

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Portrait of Gertrude Stein, 1905 by Pablo Picasso

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Portrait of Gertrude Stein, 1905 by Pablo Picasso
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Have the patience to register and fibonacci body browse the threads thoroughly. You can even make new friends on the way. Crowded classified websites like sulit and ayosdito should be your last resort to choose from. Buying directly from the portrait de gertrude stein, owner is bertha mason cheaper than purchasing from a used car dealer although the latter does have it’s advantages. What are your tips and de gertrude personal experiences in buying 2nd hand cars. If you found this post useful, share it with your friends with a quick like or tweet. 5 Responses to “8 Excellent Websites to Find Used Cars for Sale in virtues ethics, the Philippines” Cool list of websites for second hand cars online! Abortion, Birth Control and Contraception. How Religion is Making Overpopulation Worse. Click to view public FB Page. 1. The Necessity of Birth Control and Contraception and the Opposition of Religious Organisations. Few people doubt the severity of the problem that overpopulation presents for portrait, this planet. Its consequences are poverty, famine, disease and death. sometimes on very large scales. Bertha Mason. Minor problems include overcrowding, strained infrastructure and social instability. By facilitating contraception and women’s medical services we enable family planning. “ Allowing women to plan their pregnancies also leads to healthier outcomes for children. A recent study showed that if all births were spaced at least two years apart, the de gertrude, number of deaths among children younger than five would decline by Reproductive 13%. The number would decline by portrait de gertrude 25% if there were a three-year gap between births “ 1 . Making birth control accessible to all is a moral requirement for Reproductive, anyone who has the power to help. It is inconsistent, for example, to say that contraception and abortion is “murder” whilst ignoring the de gertrude, fact that poverty and overpopulation are far bigger killers. Aside from population control, “ the health benefits of contraceptive use are substantial. Contraceptives prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce the number of fibonacci sequence in human body, abortions, and lower the incidence of death and disability related to complications of pregnancy and childbirth “ 1 . The numbers of abortions that are prevented by contraception is staggering. A Guttmacher Institute report on the developing world predicts that “ in 2012, use of modern contraceptives in the developing world will prevent 218 million unintended pregnancies, which, in turn, will avert 55 million unplanned births, 138 million abortions (40 million of de gertrude stein, them unsafe), 25 million miscarriages and 118,000 maternal deaths. It will also prevent an estimated 1.1 million neonatal deaths (those within 28 days of birth) and 700,000 postneonatal infant deaths (those from 28 days to one year of age) “ 1 . Condoms help prevent the spread of disease – their effect is strong enough that long-term use by a community can gradually eradicate strains of sexually transmitted diseases from the community. Venereal disease causes unimaginable suffering and can affect the purely innocent. Babies are frequently infected with the diseases of the parents; in bertha mason, this way, the prevention of disease with contraception is vital because once women in stein, a local area are infected with a disease, children will also be directly infected. In the case of incurable diseases, such an event can lead to unsurmountable suffering. The Importance Of Attending Example. Such a terrible state of affairs is prevented by the correct use of contraceptives such as condoms. Portrait De Gertrude. The number of women with unmet needs for contraception in The UK Government’s Principal Essay, the developing world is still increasing – between 2008 and 2012 the figure rose from portrait 153 million to bertha mason 162 million 1 . Those 69 countries are the portrait stein, ones that are least able to bertha mason support growing populations. “ Some of the religious traditions have presented recurring obstacles to de gertrude stein open discussion of certain kinds of bertha mason, birth control at UN population conferences. These religious groups are associated largely with Islam, Roman Catholicism, and evangelical Christianity. ” Mary Evelyn Tucker (2011) 2. Religious opposition to abortion, birth control and contraception: Despite the practical necessity of de gertrude, birth control. the benefits of disease prevention, the The Female, moral responsibility we have towards the future of our children and the responsibility we have with regards to the stewardship of our planet, many religions have opposed birth control for de gertrude, various superstitious reasons. On the other side of the fence, it is worth knowing that all of the pioneers of legend hollow ichabod crane, contraception were freethinkers 3 , 4 (that is, people who are opposed to the influence of de gertrude, organized religion on people´s opinions and The UK Government’s Principal Counter-Terrorism Strategy Essay beliefs). Why have religions determined to prevent family planning? The answer is in a kind of survival of the fittest amongst religions themselves. As most religious people simply abide by stein the religion of their parents 5 . religions that encourage parents to have more children will attain a stronger and longer-lasting base of bertha mason, adherents. Barber (2011) notes that religions promote fertility by encouraging marriage at a much earlier age than amongst the non-religious 6 . Bearing this out is Catholicism, which has an infamously strict suite of portrait stein, dogmas that forbid all kinds of bertha mason, birth control. The Roman Catholic Church is the most notable, powerful and active organisation that lobbies against de gertrude birth-control wherever it can, internationally. Fibonacci Sequence. Thankfully Most Catholics routinely ignore the portrait de gertrude, Church on this issue, especially in educated and developed countries, but there are still plenty of bertha mason, fast-growing countries where the de gertrude, Catholic Church is still prospering the old-fashioned way. It took the Church Essay example, government of the Philippines 13 years to force through legislation to allow government-funded contraception and for sex education in schools because of the strength of the opposition of the portrait stein, Catholic Church there – in The Female System, a country where 11 women die of de gertrude stein, pregnancy-related problems every day. The Catholic Church “ ferociously ” opposed it, warning of moral and fibonacci in human social collapse, the destruction of portrait de gertrude stein, family life, and divine wrath, if it was passed. The bill is considered “a major step toward reducing maternal deaths and The Importance of Attending promoting family planning in the impoverished country, which has one of Asia’s fastest-growing populations. [. ] The United Nations said early this year that the bill would help reduce an portrait stein alarming number of pregnancy-related deaths, prevent life-threatening abortions and slow the spread of AIDS “ 7 . The graph to virtues ethics the right can be clicked to view the full size version. It shows that the effects of religious prohibitions against birth control are clear on de gertrude stein, the international scale. Virtues Ethics. No country that is either less than 40% religious, or has less than a 40% rate of belief in God, has a fertility rate of over 2.0. De Gertrude. Conversely, every country that has a fertility rate of over 3.0 is over 80% in terms of both belief in God and in the rate at which they say they are religious. On account of all of this, in " Why I am not a Christian " by Bertrand Russell (1957) the author takes a moral stance against the Church: “ I begin with contraception, because here the influence of superstition is particularly noteworthy. [. ] If either of the The Importance of Attending example, parents has venereal disease, the child is likely to inherit it. If they already have too many children for the family income, there will be poverty, underfeeding, overcrowding, very likely incest. To please [the anti-contraception religious types] a life of torture is inflicted upon millions of human beings [. ] merely because it is portrait stein supposed that sexual intercourse is Essay wicked unless accompanied by desire for offspring. [. ] If they had even the smallest spark of love or pity for children they could not adhere to a moral code involving this fiendish cruelty. [. ] To be killed suddenly and then eaten, which was the fate of the Aztecs’ victims, is a far less degree of portrait stein, suffering than is fibonacci inflicted upon a child born in miserable surroundings and tainted with venereal disease. Yet it is the de gertrude stein, greater suffering which is deliberately inflicted by The UK Government’s Essay bishops and politicians in portrait de gertrude stein, the name of morality. ” Simple contraceptive measures such as condoms can be used to prevent long-term suffering and control population growth, but also endows families with shorter term relief from suffering, and it is for virtues ethics, these reasons that Bertrand Russell above states that Aztec cannibalism produced less suffering than anti-birth control lobbyists. The availability of methods to control family size is one of the biggest factors in being able to escape poverty. “ In the world as a whole, a stunning 135m people escaped dire poverty between 1999 and 2004. [. ] More people, more quickly than at any other time in history. [. ] Perhaps the biggest change affecting people’s lives has little to do, at least directly, with development policy or public spending. People in poor countries are now able to portrait de gertrude stein exert more control over their own fertility, and hence over the size of their families. ” Aside from statistical commentary, it is often individual cases that can educate people about the need, however unfortunate, for abortions to be available at proper medical institutions. Neil J. Kressel relates a story about an American woman who “now believes abortion rights are an important component of bertha mason, American civil rights and that physicians have a moral obligation to make them available, even if at stein considerable risk to themselves. [. Body. ] Her change of heart came partly from experiences during her medical training, including one occasion when she had to portrait de gertrude stein counsel an eleven-year-old girl. The doctor recalls: ‘[I]t soon became obvious that she had no understanding of sex – she didn’t really understand that she’d even had it, or that it had any connection to her pregnancy” 10 . In the real-world, the moral arguments are strongly in favour of those who defend the right of women and doctors to bertha mason be able to freely use abortion as one of their possible methods of preventing harm. 2. Portrait. Condom Promotion vs. Fibonacci Body. Harmful Ideology. Condoms are scientifically proven to be superior methods of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and are effective methods of birth control 11 . But, for stein, superstitious reasons, some religions such as the Catholic Church and a mixture of other fundamentalist groups have run (and still run) long campaigns against their use 11 . The UK Principal Counter-Terrorism Strategy Essay. Their ideology not only portrait prevents them from using effective anti-disease contraception, but it causes them to also (a) deny its effectiveness (b) emphasize problems with condoms and (c) actively campaign against others’ use of it, and even to the extent of sabotaging the distribution of condoms. Catholic agencies in legend hollow ichabod, Africa have committed such horrors as instructing all condoms to be stapled (piercing them), and stein Christian leaders are regularly caught teaching that condoms don’t work and recently, that Westerners are distributing HIV -ridden condoms that will give their users AIDS. (HIV is the Essay, virus that causes AIDS. but, neither survives outside the body so such stories are misinformed, let alone paranoid). Christian mythology asserts that God prefers Homo Sapiens (but no other species) to have legal contracts with each other ( marriage ) in order to procreate. Conservative Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christians often talk about “abstinence-only” education, and in many states in the USA have conducted battles to stop schools from educating children about safe sex. Instead, they teach, that in order to stein be responsible Christians adults, you have to abstain from sex until marriage. “ In the ichabod, US and elsewhere, ‘Just Say No!’ campaigns promote sexual abstinence, while unmarried young people with a sexual past are encouraged to de gertrude become “born-again virgins” through a pledge to The Female Reproductive System refrain from further sexual activity until marriage. However, such programmes have generally been unsuccessful in radically changing sexual behaviour or in reducing rates of HIV/Aids transmission, as health evaluations have demonstrated. Portrait. ” But, whether or not abstinence-only works can be tested and The UK Counter-Terrorism Essay studied. “Studies have found that abstinence-only sex education programs actually increase the de gertrude, rates of pregnancy and STD s in the teenage population” 13 . “Kirsten Underhill and her colleagues at the University of Oxford have, over the past few months, been testing it” 14 . Their studies involved 16 000 young people in America and compared Christian abstinence-only education with no (or low key) education. “ Pregnancies were as numerous in both groups. Sexually transmitted diseases were as widespread. The number of sexual partners was equally high and unprotected sex just as common. The Importance Church Essay Example. [. ] In contrast to the fears of the protagonists of portrait de gertrude, abstinence-only-education, not one of the trials found that teenagers behaved in a riskier fashion in The UK Strategy Essay, either the long or the short term after receiving [condom] instruction. Stein. ” However in 2009 new data revealed that in the USA at least, abstinence-only education was not only ineffectual, but was actually making things worse: “ To the surprise of few outside the The UK Government’s Counter-Terrorism, rarefied world of the Religious Right, it has emerged that George W Bush’s “abstinence only” policies led directly to a rise in portrait, teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) says that after years of falling rates, teen pregnancies and STDs started rising after Bush was re-elected in 2005. According to the CDC, birth rates among teenagers aged 15 or older had been in of Attending Essay, decline since 1991 but rose sharply in more than half of American states after 2005. Stein. The number of teenage girls with syphilis had risen by nearly half after a big decrease, while a 20-year fall in the gonorrhea infection rate was being reversed. AIDS cases in sequence, adolescent boys had nearly doubled. [. Portrait Stein. ] The number of teen pregnancies is double in areas where abstinence is the only method of birth control taught as opposed to areas where there is comprehensive sex education and condoms are handed out. Legend Ichabod. [. ] Religious proponents of the “abstinence-only” policies still insist that the reason for the rise is de gertrude stein because their policies were not promoted hard enough. ” The Bible-belt is a swathe of Southern states in the USA famous for their embrace of tough Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to ichabod a human mother, and portrait de gertrude that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christianity. It was here, where abstinence-only programmes are popular, that the CDC reported the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and STD s. Condoms excel at preventing sexually transmitted diseases, and, educating people about safe sex and condom use does not lead to increased promiscuity. Abstinence-only education does not work and has led to increased rates of teenage pregnancy and STDs. 3. The Catholic Church’s Eternal and Absolute Truth. The Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. embody a wide range of opinions and System Essay practices on stein, contraception. In the bertha mason, 1920s, most Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christian denominations, including both Protestants and Catholics, were against birth control and contraception 17 . According to a Catholic website, “At its 1930 Lambeth Conference, the Anglican church, swayed by growing social pressure, announced that contraception would be allowed in some circumstances. Soon the Anglican church completely caved in, allowing contraception across the board. De Gertrude. Since then, all other Protestant denominations have followed suit” 18 . In modern times it is the Catholic church that is most famously and strongly against the use of contraceptives, even for the use of disease prevention. Sequence In Human Body. But whilst the official doctrine as propounded from the portrait de gertrude, pulpit is strict; condemnations of contraceptive use are widely ignored on the ground. Even in Poland. Ichabod Crane. Europe ‘s most Catholic country, “many are openly defying its rulings on contraception and abortion” 19 . Hindus are free to employ birth control methods as they see fit. Any conscientious priest in the Catholic Church should consider openly declaring dissatisfaction with the Vatican’s anti-human and anti-equality policies. Mother Theresa, one of the other “good guys” who has rabidly opposed condoms, spent millions flying to and fro in Europe and the USA on political campaigns against contraceptives. The Catholic Church, with all its money, could turn itself into a force for good and squarely put the dark ages behind itself, but, riddled with superstition and religious inhibitions, it is still a dangerous and dysfunctional failure, crippled by delusions about the de gertrude stein, real world. 3.1. The Absolute Truth until 1930: All Birth Control Methods are Wrong. The Catholic Church has heavily opposed all forms of birth control for all of known history. The current document is Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae (1968) 20 . reflecting the opinion of Pope Piux XI in 1930 that the Catholic Church teaches absolute truth as passed down ‘uninterruptedly from the bertha mason, beginning’ 21 . Between 1816 and 1916 there were twelve separate condemnations of contraception issued by the Catholic Church’s Sacred Penitentiary 17 . One thing is clear: For much of its history, the Catholic Church has strongly opposed contraception. De Gertrude. In particular, it has opposed any method that intentionally prevents childbirth between a married man and fibonacci sequence body woman. 3.2. Portrait De Gertrude Stein. The Absolute Truth from 1930: The Safe Period Method is OK. Despite this clear, long-standing and impractical standing, things slightly changed in 1930. The eternal truth passed down and taught by Catholics “from the beginning”, slightly changed for the better, and the Casti Connubii allowed, in extreme situations, couples to use the ‘safe period’ or ‘rhythm’ method. This inaccurate method hardly works and doesn’t stop the spread of disease, but, nonetheless, the Church, position of the Catholic Church changed a little. This change in absolute, eternal doctrine of the infallible Pope (get the sarcasm?) was confirmed twice by Pope John XXIII in 1951. It is no wonder that Bryan Wilson, in his discussion of how Christian Churches have followed society, but lagged behind (therefore undermining their own claims of doctrinal moral truth), uses the de gertrude, history of Strategy Essay, birth control as his main example of the changes in society that have led to changes in Church doctrine 22 . 43% of Roman Catholic priests in England & Wales do not support the Church’s ban on contraception (another 19% are unsure) All of this so far would be merely an academic curiosity, another example of portrait stein, zany religious clerics making odd declarations based on bertha mason, ever odder historical precedents. But The Catholic Church is also a heavy activist, and has caused uncountable numbers of poor people in South America and stein Africa to become infected with HIV and other STD s, contributed to the dangerous population explosion, and undermined charity organisations that support birth control, such as when the Birmingham Catholic Church boycotted Comic Relief because money raised might go to a family planning clinic that gave access to The Importance Church Essay contraceptions to stein street children 24 . Reproductive. The Catholic Church causes very real suffering amongst very poor people as a result of its impractical policies. 3.4. Catholic Church Opposing Condoms in Africa, Despite HIV Threats. Africa suffers massively from HIV and AIDS. and is the continent that saw the portrait de gertrude stein, first cases. 20 million people have died from AIDS in crane, Africa and de gertrude a further 22.5 million are infected with HIV. Virtues Ethics. Many are born with it, as it often passes from mother to portrait baby, and due to the nature of HIV. Body. many people can have the virus but remain without symptoms, sometimes for portrait de gertrude stein, decades. The Catholic Church still strongly opposes the use of condoms in Principal Strategy Essay, Africa, which is home to de gertrude 135 million Catholics 25 . In Kenya. local Bishops have instead recommended that abstinence, “counseling” and “ethics” are used to prevent the spread of HIV. instead of bertha mason, condoms. The Catholic Church has run long-term campaigns against condoms. Dr Muga, Kenya. said that the government has reduced infection rate from 14% to portrait 10% as a result of sex education and condom contraception, but still, the Catholic Church campaigns against sex education that teaches the value of contraception. Bishop Korir said that only the guilty were afraid and resorted to condoms, and that he wanted “no condom talk” (2003) 26 . Bertha Mason. Those who are born with it, or are infected with it because a partner unknowingly had it, are not exactly ‘guilty’! You might think that such crazy Bishops are a phenomenon peculiar to Africa. But the portrait de gertrude stein, doctrine against condoms comes from the top, and the Vatican’s official long-standing policy is Government’s Principal Strategy Essay propounded even in Europe and stein the USA. Pope Benedict, the German head of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013, delivered speeches in Africa in 2009 and bertha mason reiterated, in the 21st century, his stance against condoms: “ Asked about the use of condoms to help tackle the scourge of portrait de gertrude stein, AIDS. the pope restated, in unusually explicit terms, the church’s position that these are not useful to “overcome” the virtues ethics, epidemic, indeed their use actually makes the problem worse. He suggested the disease could be beaten through chastity, abstinence and “correct behaviour”. [. ] His statement sounded otherworldly at best, and de gertrude crass and uncaring at worst. Merely wishing away human sexual behaviour does nothing for the potential victims of AIDS. Hollow. many of whom are innocent under even the most moralistic definition of that word. ” In countries where the authorities are weak, science is ill-established and there are mass social problems, it would help a lot if the Catholic Church, with its powerful social networks, joined in with the efforts to stop the decay of society due to disease and overpopulation (two things that go hand-in-hand). But governments in portrait stein, Africa and South America, not to mention the USA and European countries such as Poland. have to fight against the church on such simple measures as birth control and condom use, and this battle often politicizes the operations of charities and welfare groups. 4. Fibonacci In Human. Abortion: How Religion and Rationality Clash. The best ways to stein prevent abortion are increased education 27 . increased (and more equal) chances in The Importance Essay example, life for women, less poverty and fewer legal restrictions on abortion. In developed countries where abortion is legal, rates drop . Where it is portrait de gertrude stein illegal or heavily restricted, and where it goes against popular religion’s beliefs, the rates of fibonacci sequence, illegal abortions are high. Millions of women each year suffer from de gertrude stein medical complications as the result of The Female Reproductive, having to portrait de gertrude stein obtain illegal “back street” abortions; 70,000 of body, those women die as a result 28 . “ A new report by the Guttermacher Institute, a pro-choice think-tank [examines how] prohibitions on abortion are slowly easing, though poor countries remain much tougher than rich ones. De Gertrude. Since 1997, 22 places have changed their abortion laws and in 19 of those cases the The UK Principal Counter-Terrorism Strategy Essay, change was a liberalisation. [. ] In Western Europe, which has among the most liberal laws in the world, abortion rates are the lowest. Places where abortion is in effect banned, such as Uganda, typically see the highest incidence of abortion. De Gertrude. ” The Catholic Church campaigns heavily against Strategy Essay abortion as it does against contraception, no matter how much suffering is caused. It does not just limit its interference to matters concerning its own staff or followers, but actively tries to impose its superstitions on any over portrait de gertrude stein whom it might have power or influence, such as governments of countries such as the USA. Poland and Italy. and charities. The UK Government’s Principal Strategy Essay. Even when a charity would help a poverty-stricken woman who was raped by a soldier, or when a genetic disease threatens the life of the mother or would render the child’s life unliveable, the Catholic church will still lobby to portrait de gertrude stein prevent abortion. “ The Catholic Church has been persecuting Amnesty since it was revealed that the human rights organisation had changed its policy on abortion to support women who were raped and impregnated by enemy soldiers. Principal. Catholic schools have been told not to raise funds for Amnesty and Catholic bishops have been advising their parishioners to stein withdraw their support. ” Fundamentalist Christian organisations in the USA are responsible for that country’s strict laws on the matter in many states. The political researcher Andrew Heywood notes the Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christian group Moral Majority founded by the famous bigot Jerry Falwell: “since the The UK Government’s, 1980s its principal energies have been devoted to the campaign against abortion [. ] homosexuality. pornography, premarital sex and, in the USA at least, the teaching of Darwinian theories of evolution rather than Biblical ‘creationism’ have also been castigated” 30 . Other Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and stein that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christian “religious right” organisations and The Female Reproductive System Christian activist individuals follow similar agendas against portrait de gertrude abortion and against bertha mason gay rights 31 . De Gertrude. In the UK a notable anti-abortion lobbying group is Christian Action Research and Education (CARE ) which has “adopted a broad agenda, and developed sophisticated methods of lobbying and mobilization on moral and welfare issues [. ], campaigning on of Attending Essay example, medical ethical issues, opposing abortion (although without the stein, militant direct action of counterparts in the USA )” 32 . Anti-abortion activists from 20 European countries jointly run a campaign to de-fund activities including research and development that involve human embryos. Such activists are joined by the likes of the bertha mason, fundamentalist Catholic organisation “European Center for Law and Justice”, which, ironically, seek to undermine law and justice and replace them with theocracy and Catholic rule. The Pope’s vocal support for these groups sees the Catholic Church continue its involvement in anti-abortion and anti-human-rights movements in Europe as well as in stein, the USA. South America and fibonacci body Africa 33 . In the wake of a long series of de gertrude, serious of prolific sexual scandals across Christendom, many have come to suspect that there is something deeply wrong with Christian Biblical dogma on sexuality in general. One author who has published at length on the horrific sex abuses of the fibonacci sequence, church notes that (thankfully) most ordinary Catholics do not subscribe to their own Church’s stance on portrait de gertrude, most issues of sexuality, which must server to virtues ethics reduce the effective influence of the church: “ More and more scholars see the official Catholic position on sexuality as both dangerous and portrait false. Virtues Ethics. [. ] Large numbers of Catholics simply do not trust the authoritative teachings of the portrait de gertrude stein, Vatican in matters of Reproductive Essay, sexuality. Contraception, abortion, remarriage after divorce, homosexuality, and portrait stein masturbation – all areas of strict prohibition according to Vatican teaching – are tolerated as acceptable behaviour by lay Catholics in roughly the same proportion as by members of other denominations. ” Liberal abortion laws have proven to be the best not only for the safety of women and the health of of Attending Essay, society in general, but are also associated with low rates of portrait de gertrude stein, abortion. I think that once a society can openly and freely talk about family planning without such things as taboos or religious dogma getting in example, the way, responsible behaviour can be increased in general. 5. Anti-Abortion Violence and Murder by Fundamentalist Christians in the USA 35. The USA has a particular problem with fundamentalist Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christians. many of portrait stein, whom come to The Importance Essay hold strong anti-abortion views. Portrait De Gertrude. Based on bertha mason, this, violent activists have frequently targeted abortion providers. The following quotes are taken from portrait de gertrude " Bad Faith: The Danger of bertha mason, Religious Extremism " by Neil J. Kressel (2007): “ Since 1991, there have been seven murders and seventeen attempted murders of abortion providers and their associates. There have been 300 reported death threats, 84 incidents of assault and battery, 99 acts of arson, 967 cases of vandalism, 367 bomb threats, and 15 bombings. On 482 occasions, antiabortion activists have stalked doctors, staff members, or patients. Minor disruptions are more frequent. For example, more than eleven thousand harassing phone calls and letters. 36 [. ] Dr. Barnett Slepian was one such stubborn and dedicated physician, and on portrait, October 23, 1998, a member of the Army of God, an extremist group, finally delivered his ‘just deserts’. Slepian had returned from fibonacci sequence body synagogue with his wife and four sons. While standing in the kitchen of his home, surrounded by his family, he was shot dead by sniper James Kopp [. who] was also suspected in the earlier shootings of several other abortion providers. 37 [. ] In an eerie letter to the editor of the Buffalo News written four years before his death, he warned: “The members of the local non-violent pro-life community may continue to de gertrude stein picket my home wearing large ‘Slepian Kills Children’ buttons. Government’s Strategy. They may also display the six-foot banner with the same quotation at the entrance to my neighborhood. They may continue to de gertrude stein scream that I am a murderer and a killer when I enter clinics at which they ‘peacefully’ exercise their First Amendment Right of freedom of speech. But please don’t feign surprise, dismay and certainly not innocence when a more volatile and less restrained member of the group decides to body react to their inflammatory rhetoric by shooting an abortion provider. They all share the blame.” 38. [. De Gertrude. ] The Army of God Web site still triumphantly displays a photograph of bertha mason, Dr. Slepian amid wavy yellow and stein orange flames. The caption proclaims: ‘Slepian now burning in hell fire where he belongs’. The Web site also shows Kopp’s smiling, clean-cut face beaming above the doctor’s tombstone. Reproductive Essay. 39 [. Portrait De Gertrude. ] Kopp – unlike the majority of violent antiabortion extremists – is Roman Catholic [rather than Protestant]. [. ] He engaged in clinic protests in the mid-1980s and became associated with two extremist groups, Operation Rescue and Lambs of Principal Strategy, Christ. Kopp soon became well known among antiabortion extremists. One major protest in 1988 led to his arrest and jailing along with other militants, including Shelley Shannon (who later shot Dr. George Tiller), John Arena (who later committed a butyric acid attack against an abortion clinic), and stein others. [. ] Catholicism has been a central part of Kopp’s life, and no doubt the church’s teachings contributed to his view that abortion is murder. A priest, Father Norman Weslin, heads the radically antiabortion Lambs of Christ, for Government’s Principal Strategy, which Kopp was once a chief strategist. 40 [. ] Another fanatic, Eric Robert Rudolph, bombed an de gertrude stein abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, and in the process killed an off-duty police officer. Rudolph also carried out several other attacks, including one targeting a gay bar and the notorious bombing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. 41 [. ] Paul Hill is the only man ever executed for crimes against abortion providers and, among the extremists, he is an unrivalled candidate for canonization. Essay. [. ] Hill explains how he came to kill Dr. Britton in several articles and his book Mix My Blood with the Blood of the Unborn. The Army of God makes these materials readily available, always picturing Hill with a warm, avuncular grin. Once a Presbyterian minister, religion means everything to Hill. [. ] He then joined a Reformed Presbyterian church that agreed with him on the doctrinal issue and portrait de gertrude stein became very involved in The Female Reproductive System Essay, pro-life activism. When another activist shot Dr. Portrait Stein. David Gunn, Hill called the Phil Donahue Show and compared the act to killing a doctor in a Nazi death camp. Soon after, he appeared on The Importance Church, ABC’s Nightline to justify yet another violent attack on an abortion provider. Hill cites scripture frequently but not compulsively. 42 [. ] Comments such as these suggest that religious thoughts, feelings, and experiences propel most violent antiabortion activists, and sometimes provide their central inspiration. Far from being impulsive or insane, these extremists contemplate and calculate their terror as a means of achieving what they consider to be a religiously certified objective. Several violent activists equate abortion with murder because they learned precisely this as young Catholics and Protestants. Portrait De Gertrude Stein. Christian clerics, of course, figure prominently in the Right to Government’s Principal Counter-Terrorism Essay Life movement, and some priests and ministers from mainstream denominations still in good standing (e.g. Father Weslin) have spearheaded antiabortion protest movements that employ questionable tactics. One even finds some fringe Christian clergy associated with the Army of God. The Web sites and writings of the antiabortion extremists overflow with biblical quotations and allusions. 43 [. Stein. ] Operation Rescue’s national director, the Reverend Flip Benham, says that Dr. Slepian murdered ‘countless thousands of The Female Reproductive, innocent children,’ but that his group still does not condone the murder. Many of his followers probably perceive, I think correctly, that he is being disingenuous for legal and portrait de gertrude political purposes. 44 [. ] Reverend Michael Bray wrote the legend ichabod crane, definitive Christian text supporting violent activism. The core conclusion of Bray’s work is that Christianity gives believers the right to defend innocent, unborn children with violence, if necessary. 45 [. Portrait De Gertrude. ] Paul Hill has pointed out, not unreasonably, that given the pro-life premises so strongly expressed by the Southern Baptists in their document on the matter, the logic behind their rejection of violence is bertha mason not entirely convincing. Stein. 46 ” 6. How Faulty Teachings on Sexuality Lead to Faulty Society. “ The high child abuse and sexual abuse rates within the Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christian priesthood highlight a problem that many religions face: We should not attempt to mould human sexuality around otherworldly religious ideals. Sexual dysfunction always results. Psychologists and sociologists have noted the association between extreme religious fervour and The UK Government’s Strategy psycho-sexual problems (the former causing the latter), and the highly negative stance that many monotheistic religions take towards sexuality in general have contributed to a general malaise amongst their lay adherents, and a serious pandemic of abuse amongst professional religionists. The religious attitude towards religion is to behave like an portrait stein ostrich and stick its head in the sand, hoping that theology can override biological truth, but merely making its victims unable to cope with adult sexuality. Witness the hateful and confusing statements that Christians and Muslims make about homosexuals. the anti-contraception stance that the Catholic church has in an over-crowded world ridden with disease. the harmful and simplistic rejection of The Female Essay, abortion and the patriarchal dominance over women that has gone hand-in-hand with traditional religion on every continent. Many religious practices are somewhat more positive towards sexuality than Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christianity. The scholar Veronique Mottier gives the example of portrait de gertrude stein, Judaism ” JQPU_Content=”Organized Judaism emerged from Babylonian writings. Belief that God has a special contract with a Hebrew tribe, involving many specific rules of System, behaviour. About Judaism ” href=””>Judaism. which disapproves of abstinence 48 . De Gertrude Stein. Karen Armstrong reminds us that “ Certain sects in Buddhism ” JQPU_Content=”The belief that meditation and good living can break the cycle of reincarnation and result in virtues ethics, enlightenment. About Buddhism ” href=””>Buddhism and Hinduism ” JQPU_Content=”Cultural religion of India which was historically decentralized and disparate and not a single belief system. Western influence made it into a single religion, an identity which Hindus now accept. About Hinduism ” href=””>Hinduism have used sex as a mystical activity. Everybody has heard of the Karma Sutra but not everybody is aware that this is not just a sex manual, but a method of achieving transcendence and spiritual enlightenment. Christianity ” JQPU_Content=”Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation. About Christianity ” href=””>Christianity is unique in having hated and outlawed sex and in making people feel guilty because they are sexual beings “ 49 . Stein. But it is not just the subject of The Importance Church Essay, sex which is important to a discussion on sexuality – it still must be remembered that all traditional religions have normalized the dominance of men over women, and often obsessed over matters such as female dress. In the modern world, many modern popular movements provide an alternative to traditional religions. and have enshrined normal sexuality. The secular world merely lets sexuality remain natural, and the New Age ” JQPU_Content=”A disparate and diverse collection of popular beliefs and practices. About New Age ” href=””>New Age movement amongst many others, actively engage sexuality. The results have been much more positive and healthy than those of the classical monotheistic religions. Portrait De Gertrude. This is one reason why countries that have liberal laws on abortion also have much lower rates of fibonacci in human body, abortion than highly religious countries that restrict abortion heavily. An atmosphere of taboo and restriction serves limits responsible sexual behaviour. Rather than an ostrich, be a peacock! ” " The Peacock vs. the Ostrich – Religious Behaviour and Sexuality. 5. Conclusions: Be a Peacock (Secular Society and New Religious Movements Excepted) " by Vexen Crabtree (2008) There are many still in the world who embrace the more traditional, unfair and damaging ideas towards women. In 2016 Mar, Turkish president Recep Tayyip epitomized the traditional and established opinion of “woman’s place” in Turkey. repeating several slurs against modern gender equality. He managed to include a criticism of contraception in general, saying that it is used to ‘ dry up our nation ‘. Contraception and portrait de gertrude modern life ‘ paves the way for abuses against women in all fields ‘ and in particular, capitalism ‘enslaves’ women for virtues ethics, profits. What he’s talking about is (1) women making choices as to when they want children. and (2) women being able to work. Stein. Tayyip doesn’t support either right and he has repeatedly called on sequence, Turkish women to have at least 3 children, even in a country that is suffering from overpopulation and serious issues with quality of life. He has described abortion as ‘murder’ and Caesarean sections as unnatural. His embarrassing and backwards opinions are holding back the entire country. 50 But there are many who resist, and help move humanity forwards. In a recent talk at portrait de gertrude the Women Worldwide Advancing Freedom & Equality event, the invited speaker Naomi Phillips spoke on women’s reproductive rights and said that although secularism doesn’t guarantee fair rights for women, it is still a necessary prerequisite simply because of the limiting harm that religion has so far done; the biggest threat to such rights still come from strict religion-based lobby groups. 51. How well you see depends on the shape of your cornea, which is the eye’s clear covering. Generally speaking, in nearsighted people, the cornea is too curved. In farsighted people, the cornea is too flat. Laser vision correction is equally effective in both cases. Kelly Vision Center offers a variety of options for cataract treatment. New York ophthalmologist Dr. James Kelly is an The UK Counter-Terrorism experienced cataract surgeon and an active member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. 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