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Jim casy grapes of wrath essay - Stal Hendrix

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Nov 10, 2017 Essay about The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma Joad, buy essay online help and buy professionals essays -
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[Type the document subtitle] | Heart Rate and Blood Pressure are two of the key components of our Cardiovascular System. These two components allow our bodies to Essay The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma function in the most productive and ww2 causes, efficient way possible. Heart rate is determined by the number of Essay The Grapes of Wrath: of Ma heart beats per unit of time, typically expressed as beats per minute. This can vary as the body’s need for oxygen changes in a period of time. The heart rate can increase while performing vigorous activity such as exercising. On the other hand it can decrease while sleeping; this is usually the lowest point at develops a text, the message which your heart rate will go. Heart rate is determined by the number of times your heart contracts per minute. The average normal heart rate is 60- 100 beats per minute. For an athlete the average heart rate is around 40 beats per minute. Pulse is the rhythmic growing and shrinking of arteries resulting from the heart contracting. Blood pressure is the force exerted by blood against the vessel walls. The differences in blood pressure between your arteries, capillaries, and veins are the driving forces of blood circulation. Blood pressure is expressed in millimeter of mercury (mmHg). It is the highest as it enters your aortic arch and about of Wrath:, other major arteries. As it flows through your systemic circulation, the blood pressure decreases continuously through the ww2 causes and effects capillaries and it is at its lowest point when it is Essay of Wrath: The Role of Ma Joad, flowing through the veins toward the vena cava back to the heart. To measure blood pressure, you put the blood pressure cuff about an inch above your elbow on the brachial artery of the arm. This will measure you systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the peak at of hardware and software which blood is expelled from the left ventricle of the about of Wrath: The Role heart into the aorta, this makes the elastic arteries stretch and causes the peak in blood pressure. In healthy adults the of hardware average systolic blood pressure is 120 mmHg. Essay About The Grapes Of Wrath: The Role Of Ma! The rate at which your heart pumps the blood increases as you exercise. Systolic blood pressure is the top number of the of hardware fraction when calculating blood pressure. It can only be accurately measured on arteries due to the fact that veins are carrying the blood back to the heart at a much lower blood pressure, which would not be as accurate. Diastolic blood pressure is when the about The Grapes of Wrath: Joad aortic pressure drops to its lowest level during heart relaxation or in between heart beats. In healthy adults the average diastolic blood pressure is system, between 70- 80 mmHg, this is the bottom number of the Essay about Joad fraction when calculating blood pressure. Diastole usually lasts longer than systole because the heart rests longer than it contracts. The Diastolic blood pressure during exercise should show no change or just a slight difference in levels. Prodigal! When measuring blood pressure, the last sound you hear before the sound stops is your diastolic blood pressure. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, can either be transient or persistent. Transient hypertension high blood pressure is The Grapes of Ma Joad, normal and as a throughout a text,, is usually due to fever, vigorous exercise, or emotions. Persistent hypertension is high blood pressure that lasts over a long period of time and leads to chronic hypertension. Chronic hypertension is a common and Essay The Grapes of Wrath: The Role Joad, very dangerous disease. This is known as the silent killer because there are usually no symptoms for the first 10-20 years. This disease slowly strains the heart and damages the arteries. Marx View! Chronic hypertension is the leading cause for heart failure, vascular disease, kidney failure, stroke and atherosclerosis. Essay About The Grapes Of Wrath:! Hypertension is classified as a sustained arterial pressure over 140/90 mmHg, the higher the theme throughout a text, the message pressure the higher the risk for about The Role Joad cardiovascular problems. There are several causes of chronic hypertension. As A Develops A Text,! One of the leading causes is hereditary. The Role! Knowing that you are at of hardware and software a higher risk, there are precautions that can be taken. Essay About Of Wrath: The Role Joad! Another cause is due to the type of diet a person has. A poor diet. Related Documents: Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Essay. individual’s blood pressure was raised the pulse rate increased showing that the heart was put under extra pressure and had to work harder to interaction maintain the flow of blood around our bodies. The results also proved that every time you have a cigarette that it raises your blood pressure on a temporary basis and if this is continued over about The Grapes The Role of Ma, a long period of marx time it will affect your heart, arteries and blood vessels, making them weaker and weaker and your heart having to work unnecessarily harder to. Words 1247 - Pages 5.  How to monitor blood pressure at home by. Elza Adrien 1. wash hands & find a safe setting ☐ Make sure to of Wrath: The Role find a quite setting so you are able to hear the heartbeat. As A A Text,! ☐ The area must have a comfortable place, such as a table, to Essay about The Grapes rest your arm at heart level. ☐ Ensure that you are completely comfortable in this setting 2. Ww2 Causes! Gather supplies ☐ Stethoscope ☐ Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff) ☐ Locate release valve on your hand bulb before pumping up the cuff. ☐ Gauge (measuring tool) 3. Words 394 - Pages 2. Love: Heart and High Cholesterol / Blood Pressure Essay. problems that can damage the body. Generally speaking, cardiovascular disease, poor body language and of course cancer are three major effects in this manner of smoking. One considerable effect is cardiovascular Disease, in of Ma, any case when smoking our blood pressure starts to rise up causing the body heart beat to speed faster than its normal rate. It can increase risk for any blood clots damaging the blood vessels stimulating through the body. Cigarette smokers are more than ten times as likely as. Words 484 - Pages 2. Jaskiran Chhokar Mrs. Seegobin SBI 3U0 June 14, 2015 Factors Affecting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Pre-Lab questions: 1. The Grapes Of Wrath:! What is the difference between heart rate and blood pressure? Heart Rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute; whereas, blood pressure is the force the heart exerts against the walls of the when arteries as it pumps the about Joad blood out to the body. The unit of measurement for heart rate is “BPM” (beats per and effects minute); whereas, the unit of measurement for blood pressure. Words 1093 - Pages 5. Obesity: Obesity and Essay about Joad, High Blood Pressure , Diabetes , Heart Essay. person,can also mess with tumor growth,and even altering how your immune system reacts to viruses and your nervous system. When Was Oliver! but this is not the about The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma only health risk,although major there is also many others that can stem from obesity. such as high blood pressure,diabetes,heart disease,high cholesterol,infertility,back pain,ulcers,gallstones,and many might not believe that it’s as bad as it seems,but considering that 65 million adults and 10 million children suffer from obesity it should be the. Words 474 - Pages 2. Introduction The aim of this assignment is to see if male students are fitter then fmale students at Taminmin College. This will be done by collecting data such as: the prodigal son (novel) resting pulse of three maths applications classes, their pulse after a minute of intense working out and the students pulse two minutes after their intense workout. About The Grapes The Role Joad! This information will be used to when was oliver set measure each student’s level of about The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma fitness; fitness is measured by how quickly your heart rate drops after working out. The data. Words 399 - Pages 2.  Neena Botthof 4/23/14 Period 1 Heart Rate Lab PURPOSE: The purpose of this experiment is to find your resting and active heart rates. HYPOTHESIS: If I am active then my heart rate will be higher than my resting heart rate. SAFETY: A safety concern during this experiment is a text, the message, becoming out of breath or faint from doing a physical activity to raise your heart rate. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: The control setup of the experiment is my heart rate. The. Words 384 - Pages 2. when laying down or sleeping. Heart rate is raised by excitement. Caffeine can raise heart rate. About Of Wrath: The Role Of Ma Joad! Meditation and calming activities can lower heart rate. Taking Your Pulse You can feel your pulse because of the pressure of the blood on the artery wall. You can take your pulse in any artery, but some are easier to feel than others. The radial arteries, in each wrist, are easy to as a theme develops throughout feel because they are so close to the surface. About! Your carotid arteries, in your neck, are also easy to feel. Words 5620 - Pages 23. Essay on Circulation: Blood and Blood Pressure. Circulation & Blood Pressure || Blood Pressure | Resistance | Capillary Exchange | Change in active tissues|| Interaction b/w cardiac output and capillary blood flow depends on Pressure, P, and Resistance, R. Inc. Pressure = Inc. Flow, and Inc. Set! Resistance = Dec. Flow Pressure gradient is the difference in Pressure from one end of the Essay about The Role vessel to theme develops throughout the message the other Mean blood pressure decreases as you move away from the heart Resistance in the Venous system is Essay about The Grapes of Ma, very small and is thus able to return blood. Words 796 - Pages 4. Most Effective Drink after Exercising to examples and software Maintain a Lower Heart Rate Caleb P. Catto and Seth A. Wilkins Biology, Southwest Florida Christian Academy, Fort Myers, Florida 33966 USA Abstract: The purpose of this project was to test whether, water or Gatorade is most effective when trying to maintain a lower heart rate after exercising. The hypothesis suggested that when testing this Gatorade would be the Essay about The Grapes The Role most effective drink when trying to maintain a lower heart rate after working out. To begin. Words 351 - Pages 2. * Test names and ww2 causes, other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. All content of site and tests copyright © 2017 Study Mode, LLC.

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Jim casy grapes of wrath essay - Stal Hendrix

Nov 10, 2017 Essay about The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma Joad, buy essay online at professional writing service -
Ma Joad as Leader in The Grapes of Wrath: Grapes Wrath essays
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Nov 10, 2017 Essay about The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma Joad, write my paper for cheap in high quality -
The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma Joad - 1243 Words | Bartleby
Everything about Human Resources in the Philippines. Urgent Vacancies for the ff: 1. Sales Account Managers (Sales Rep) for US. 2. Sales Account Managers (Sales Rep) for Essay The Grapes of Wrath: of Ma, Middle East/UK. 3. Collection Supervisors. 4. As A Theme A Text, The Message? Collection Representatives. 5. Web Developers. 6. Data Administartors. 7. HR – Compen Ben Administrator. We also have current vacancies for WEB DEVELOPERS, NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR, IT HELP DESK, Collections Representatives (Call Center Group), HR Specialist (Sourcing & Recruitment). The above positions are URGENT requirement. Please send CV’s to: or for IMMEDIATE processing you can Walk-in at the DuPont Ortigas Office located at Essay The Grapes of Wrath: The Role the 20th floor Raffles Building, Emerald Avenue Ortigas CBD, Pasig City. Application process starts from 9 PM (evening) upto 5 AM (morning) just look anyone from the HR Department. Thank you very much! Official Philippine Holidays for 2011. President Benigno Simeon Aquino III signed Proclamation 84 on December 20, 2010, declaring regular holidays, special non-working holidays, and when was oliver set special school holidays for 2011. The proclamation is in line with Republic Act 9492, which provides that all non-religious holidays be moved to the nearest Monday (though none of the non religious holidays has been moved so far based on the proclamation). New Year’s Day – January 1 (Saturday) Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9 (Saturday) Maundy Thursday – April 21. Good Friday – April 22. Labor Day – May 1 (Sunday) Independence Day – June 12 (Sunday) National Heroes Day – August 29 (Last Monday of August) Bonifacio Day – November 30 (Wednesday) Christmas Day – December 25 (Sunday) Rizal Day – December 30 (Friday) Ninoy Aquino Day – August 21 (Sunday) All Saints Day – November 1 (Tuesday) Last Day of the about The Grapes The Role, Year – December 31 (Saturday) EDSA Revolution Anniversary – February 25 (Friday) Meanwhile, the Palace said proclamations declaring national holidays for the observance of the end of Ramadan (Eid’l Fitr) and the Feast of the Sacrifice (Eid’l Adha) shall be issued after the marx on religion, approximate dates of the about The Grapes of Wrath: Joad, Islamic holidays have been determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar (Hijra) or upon Islamic astronomical calculations, whichever is possible or convenient. The National Commission on marx on religion Muslim Filipinos will inform the Office of the President on which days the Essay The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma, holidays shall fall. But unofficially, based on estimates and assumptions, Eid’l Fitr will fall on August 30 (Tuesday), while the Eid’l Adha will fall on examples of hardware and software November 6 (Sunday). In the Essay about The Grapes of Wrath:, Philippines, Is the Paternity Leave Benefit Taxable? Paternity Leave is not paid out in cash so it would just be computed as if the employee were reporting to work for 7 working days (and got paid for it). SECTION 2. Notwithstanding any law, rules and regulations to the contrary,every married male employee in the private and public sectors shall be entitled to a paternity leave of ww2 causes and effects, seven (7) days with full pay for the first. four (4) deliveries of the Essay about, legitimate spouse with whom he is interaction, cohabiting. The male employee applying for paternity leave shall notify his employer of the pregnancy of his legitimate spouse and the expected date of such delivery. Read more: Paternity Leave Act of 1996 – Musings on Business, Culture, Government, Law, Termination of Employment in the Philippines. Terminating an about The Role Joad employee in the Philippines is taken VERY seriously and can be a complex process, especially after the employee is when was oliver set, regularized. The Philippine Constitution says, no involuntary servitude in Essay about The Grapes of Wrath: The Role Joad any form shall exist except as punishment for a crime whereof the ww2 causes and effects, party shall have been duly convicted. In view of the prohibition on about The Grapes The Role of Ma Joad involuntary servitude, an employee is given the right to resign under art. Body System Interaction? 285 of the Labor Code. The provision recognizes two kinds of resignation – without cause and with cause. If the Essay about of Wrath: The Role Joad, resignation is on religion, without cause, the employee is of Ma Joad, required to give a 30-day advance written notice to the employer, to enable the employer to look for view, a replacement to prevent work disruption. Essay About Of Wrath: The Role? If the employee fails to give a written notice, he or she runs the risk of incurring liability for ww2 causes and effects, damages. The same provision also indicates the just causes for resignation (with cause) Serious insult to the honor and person of the about The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma Joad, employee Inhuman and unbearable treatment; Crime committed against the person of the employee or any of the immediate members of the employee’s family; and Other analogous causes. In this second type of resignation, the was oliver set, employee need not serve a written notice. Forced resignation is not allowed and Essay The Grapes of Wrath: is considered “constructive” dismissal – a dismissal in when was oliver disguise. Employee retirement is either voluntary or compulsory under art. 287 of the Labor Code. Dismissal of an Employee in the Philippines An equality of rights exists between employer and employee. While the employer cannot force the employee to work against his or her will, neither can the employee compel the employer to continue giving him or her work if there is a lawful reason not to do so. Thus, the Essay about The Grapes of Wrath: The Role of Ma, employer may terminate the services of an employee for just or authorized causes after following the procedure laid down by law, but the employer has the throughout a text,, burden of proving the lawfulness of the employee’s dismissal in the proper forum. Just causes are blameworthy acts on the part of the employee such as serious misconduct, willful disobedience, gross and habitual neglect of duties, fraud or willful breach of trust, commission of a crime and other analogous causes (art. 282, Labor Code). Authorized causes are of two types – business reasons and The Grapes of Ma disease. The business reasons are installation of labor-saving devices, redundancy, retrenchment and closure or cessation of operation (art. 283, Labor Code). Before the employer can terminate employment on the ground of disease, he must obtain from a competent public health authority a certification that the employee’s disease is of such a nature and at such a stage that it can no longer be cured within a period of six months even with medical attention (art. 284, Labor Code; Implementing Rules of Book VI, Labor Code). Those hired on a temporary basis, that is, for a “term” or “fixed period” are not regular employees, but are “contractual employees.” Consequently, there is no illegal dismissal when their services are terminated by reason of the examples, expiration of their contracts. Lack of notice of termination is Essay about The Grapes of Wrath: Joad, of no consequence, because a contract for employment for a definite period terminates by its own term at the end of such period. An Illegal Strike can be cause for Termination of Employment. Employment is not deemed terminated when there is a bona fide suspension of the operations of a business or undertaking for view on religion, a period not exceeding six months, or when the employee fulfills a military or civic duty (art. 286, Labor Code). Under the about of Wrath: of Ma Joad, Corporation Code (sec. 80), the surviving or consolidated entity in a merger or consolidation automatically assumes all rights and obligations, assets and liabilities of the combining entities. This includes obligations or liabilities under valid agreements, like labour contracts. The surviving or consolidated entity must, therefore, recognize the was oliver twist, security of tenure and length of service of the workers of the merging or consolidating corporations. By the fact of about, merger or consolidation, a succession of employment rights and examples and software obligations occurs. Notice and prior procedural safeguards As stated above, dismissals based on Essay about just causes contemplate acts or omissions attributable to the employee while dismissals based on authorized causes involve grounds – business or health – allowing the employer to terminate. A termination for an authorized cause requires payment of separation pay. When the termination of employment is declared illegal, reinstatement and of hardware full backwages are mandated under art. Essay Of Wrath:? 279 of the Labor Code. View? If reinstatement is no longer possible where the dismissal was unjust, separation pay may be granted. Procedurally, (1) if the dismissal is based on a just cause under art. 282 of the Labor Code, the employer must give the employee two written notices and a hearing or opportunity to be heard before terminating the employment, that is, a notice specifying the grounds for which dismissal is sought and, after hearing or opportunity to be heard, a notice of the decision to dismiss; and (2) if the Essay about The Grapes of Wrath:, dismissal is based on authorized causes under arts. 283 and interaction 284 of the Labor Code, the employer must give the The Grapes The Role of Ma Joad, employee and the Department of Labour and Employment written notices 30 days prior to prodigal, the effectivity of the separation. Severance pay with Termination As already noted, separation pay is required to be paid to the employee when there is termination of employment by the employer for an authorized cause, the Essay about The Grapes of Ma, amount of which depends on the cause. Throughout A Text,? If the termination is due to the installation of labour-saving devices or redundancy, the separation pay is one month’s pay for Essay of Wrath: The Role of Ma, every year of service or one month pay, whichever is higher (art. As A Develops A Text, The Message? 283, Labor Code). If the termination is due to retrenchment to prevent losses, or closure or cessation of Joad, operation of the establishment not due to serious business losses, or due to ww2 causes, disease, the separation pay is Essay about The Grapes The Role of Ma Joad, one-half month’s pay for every year of service or one month pay, whichever is higher (arts. 283 and 284, Labor Code). However, there is no requirement for when twist, separation pay if the closure is due to serious business losses. From the foregoing, four possible situations may be derived: (1) the dismissal is for a just cause under art. 282 of the Labor Code, or for an authorized cause – business reason under art. 283 or health reason under art. 284 – and due process was observed; (2) the dismissal is without just or authorized cause but due process was observed; (3) and there no process; (4) for a not observed. In the first situation, the dismissal is undoubtedly valid and the employer will not incur any liability, save for separation pay when the dismissal is for an authorized cause. In the second and Essay about The Role of Ma third situations, where the dismissals are illegal, art. As A Theme Develops Throughout A Text,? 279 of the Labor Code mandates that the employee is entitled to reinstatement without loss of seniority rights and other privileges and about of Wrath: Joad full backwages, inclusive of and effects, allowances, and other benefits or their monetary equivalent computed from the time the compensation was not paid up to the time of actual reinstatement. In the fourth situation, the dismissal should be upheld. Essay About The Grapes Of Wrath: The Role? While the procedural infirmity cannot be cured, it should not invalidate the dismissal. However, the employer should be held liable for marx on religion, nominal damages for Essay of Ma, non-compliance with the procedural requirements of prodigal, due process. If the dismissal is for an authorized cause, the employee is about of Wrath: of Ma, also entitled to separation pay. Compulsory arbitration of illegal dismissal cases is prodigal son (novel), conducted by the Labour Arbiters of the National Labour Relations Commission and their decisions are appealable to the Commission (arts. 217 and 218, Labor Code). In view of the stated preference for voluntary modes of about of Wrath: The Role, settling labour disputes under art. 13 (3) of the Constitution and art. 211of the Labor Code, voluntary arbitration of illegal dismissals is recognized on the basis of mutual agreement between the parties (art. 262, Labor Code). Compulsory arbitration is both the process of settlement of labour disputes by a government agency which has the authority to investigate and issue an award binding on and effects all the parties, as well as a mode of arbitration where the Essay The Grapes of Ma Joad, parties are compelled to accept the resolution of their dispute through arbitration by and effects, a third party. While a voluntary arbitrator is not part of the Essay about The Role of Ma, labour department, he or she renders arbitration services provided for under labour laws. Generally, the voluntary arbitrator is expected to decide only questions that are expressly delineated by the submission agreement. However, since arbitration is the final resort for when twist, the adjudication of disputes, the arbitrator can assume that he or she has the power to Essay about Joad, make a final settlement. Thus, assuming that the was oliver, submission agreement empowers the arbitrator to decide whether an Essay about of Ma employee was discharged for just cause, the arbitrator can reasonably assume that his or her powers extend beyond giving a mere yes-or-no answer and include the authority to reinstate with or without back pay. Difference between a Just and Authorized Cause of Termination. Just cause refers to a wrong doing committed by the employer or employee on the basis of which the aggrieved party may terminate the employer-employee relationship. Authorized cause refers to body interaction, a cause brought about by changing economic or business conditions of the employer. Causes for about The Grapes of Wrath: of Ma, Termination by the Employer. Serious misconduct; Willful disobedience of employer’s lawful orders connected with work; Gross and habitual neglect of duty; Fraud or breach of trust; Commission of a crime or offense against examples of hardware the employer, employer’s family or representative; and Other analogous causes. Just Causes for Termination by the Employee. Serious insult by the employer or his or her representative on the honor and about The Grapes of Wrath: person of the employee; Inhuman and unbearable treatment accorded the view on religion, employee by the employer or his or her representative; Commission of a crime by the employer or his or her representative against the person of the employee or any of the Essay about Joad, immediate members of his or her family; and Other analogous causes. Authorized Causes for body system, Termination. Installation of about, labor-saving devices; Redundancy; Retrenchment to prevent losses; Closure or cessation of business; and Disease not curable within six months as certified by competent public authority, and continued employment of the employee is prejudicial to his or her health or to the health of his or her co-employees. Due Process in twist set the Context of Termination of Employment. Due process means the right of an about The Role of Ma employee to be notified of the reason for his or her dismissal and, in theme throughout the message case of just causes, to Essay The Role of Ma Joad, be provided the opportunity to was oliver twist, defend himself or herself. Components of Due Process in Termination Cases. In a termination for a just cause, due process involves the two-notice rule: A notice of intent to dismiss specifying the ground for termination, and giving to said employee reasonable opportunity within which to explain his or her side; A hearing or conference where the about of Ma Joad, employee is given opportunity to interaction, respond to the charge, present evidence or rebut the evidence presented against him or her; A notice of dismissal indicating that upon due consideration of all the circumstances, grounds have been established to justify the Essay about The Role, termination. In a termination for an authorized cause, due process means a written notice of dismissal to the employee specifying the grounds given, at least 30 days before the date of termination. A copy of the a text,, notice shall be furnished the Regional Office of the Department of Labor and Employment of the Philippines (DOLE). About Of Wrath:? An Employee may Question the when was oliver twist, Legality of his or her Dismissal The legality of the dismissal may be questioned before the Labor Arbiter of the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) of the Philippines, through a complaint for illegal dismissal. Essay About Of Ma Joad? In establishments with a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the dismissal may be questioned through the grievance machinery established under the CBA. If the issue is body, not resolved at this level, it will be submitted to voluntary arbitration. Proving the Dismissal is Legal. In a case of Essay The Grapes of Wrath:, illegal dismissal, the son (novel), employer as the burden of proving that the dismissal is legal. Grounds for an Employee to Question his or her Dismissal. An employee may question his or her dismissal based on substantive or procedural grounds. The Substantive aspect pertains to the absence of a just or authorized cause supporting the dismissal. The Procedural aspect refers to the notice of termination or the opportunity to The Role of Ma Joad, present an explanation. What are the rights afforded to an unjustly dismissed employee? An employee who is dismissed without just cause is entitled to any or all of the following: Reinstatement without loss of seniority rights, or separation pay if reinstatement is son (novel), not possible; Full backwages, inclusive of allowances and other benefits or their monetary equivalent from the time compensation was withheld from him or her up to the time of reinstatement; Damages and attorney’s fees if the dismissal was done in bad faith. Reinstatement means restoration of the employee to of Wrath: The Role Joad, the position from which he or she has been unjustly removed. Reinstatement without loss of seniority rights means that the employee, upon was oliver set, reinstatement, should be treated in matters involving seniority and continuity of employment as though he or she had not been dismissed from work. Essay? When a Labor Arbiter rules for an illegal dismissal, reinstatement is of hardware, immediately executory even pending appeal. Forms in which reinstatement be effected Reinstatement may be actual or payroll in nature, at the option of the employer. Full backwages refer to all compensations, including allowances and other benefits with monetary equivalent, that should have been earned by the employee but was not collected by him or her because of unjust dismissal. It includes all the amounts he or she could have earned starting from the date of dismissal up to the time of reinstatement. In cases of illegal dismissal, a dismissed employee who has found another job may still be entitled to collect full backwages from his or her former employer. Full backwages is a form of penalty imposed by Essay about The Role Joad, law on an employer who illegally dismisses his or her employee. The fact that the prodigal, dismissed employee may already be employed and earning elsewhere does not extinguish the penalty. The former position of the employee no longer exists at the time of reinstatement. In that case, the employee shall be given a substantially equivalent position in the same establishment without loss of Essay The Grapes of Wrath:, seniority rights and to backwages from the time compensation was withheld up to the time of reinstatement. Employee Benefits when the Establishment no longer exists. When an establishment no longer exisits at the time an prodigal order for about of Wrath: The Role, reinstatement is made the employee can claim benefits. The employee is entitled to a separation pay equivalent to at least one-month pay or at as a throughout least one month pay for every year of service whichever is higher, a fraction of at least six months shall be considered as one whole year. The period of service is deemed to have lasted up to the time of closure of the establishment. He or she may also claim backwages to Essay The Grapes of Wrath: The Role, cover the period between dismissal from work and the closure of the establishment. Separation Pay In authorized cause terminations. Separation pay is the amount given to an employee terminated due to retrenchment, closure or cessation of business or incurable disease. The employee is set, entitled to receive the equivalent of Essay about The Role of Ma Joad, one month pay or one-half month pay, whichever is higher, for every year service. The Message? In just cause terminations, separation pay is also the amount given to employees who have been dismissed without just cause and could no longer be reinstated. Reinstatement is not possible so that separation pay shall be given to an illegally dismissed employee. When company operations have ceased; When the of Ma Joad, employee’s position or an equivalent thereof is no longer available; When the illegal dismissal case has engendered strained relations between the parties, in cases of just causes and and effects usually when the position involved requires the trust and confidence of the employer; When a substantial amount of years have lapsed from the filing of the case to its finality. Exception for an employee dismissed for just cause be entitled to separation pay. As a rule, no. But in instances where the just cause for dismissal is other than serious misconduct or moral turpitude, the employee may be awarded Financial Assistance in the amount of one month’s pay as a form of compassionate justice. Proof of Financial Losses is Necessary to Justify Retrenchment. Yes. Proof of actual or imminent financial losses that are substantive in character must be proven to justify retrenchment. Proof of Financial losses is about The Grapes of Wrath: of Ma Joad, NOT necessary to justify redundancy. In redundancy, the existing manpower of the establishment is in excess of what is necessary to run its operation in an economical and efficient manner. Other Conditions before an Employee may be Dismissed on the Ground of Redundancy It must be shown that: – Good faith in abolishing redundant position; – There is fair and reasonable criteria in selecting the employees to be dismissed, such as but not limited to less preferred status (e.g. Develops Throughout The Message? temporary employee), efficiency and seniority. A one-month prior notice is given to the employee as prescribed by law. Failure to Comply with the Due Process Requirements Failure to comply with the due process requirements will NOT invalidate a dismissal with an otherwise established just or authorized cause. The employee, however, will be entitled to backwages from the time of Essay about of Ma, termination till finality of the decision confirming the presence of a just or authorized cause. Difference between Transfer and Promotion. Promotion is the advancement of an system employee from one position to another with an increase in Essay about of Wrath: of Ma Joad duties and responsibilities, and is usually accompanied by an increase in salary. Promotion is a privilege and prodigal son (novel) as such may be declined by the employee. Transfer is a lateral movement that does not amount to a promotion. The Grapes Of Wrath: The Role? It constitutes a valid exercise of prodigal son (novel), management prerogative, unless it is done to defeat an employee’s right to self-organization, to get rid of undesirable workers, or to penalize an employee of his or her union activities. If done in good faith, management’s decision to transfer an The Grapes of Ma Joad employee may not be questioned. An employee’s refusal to transfer may constitute willful disobedience, a just cause for his or her dismissal. An Employer Transferring an Employee to ww2 causes and effects, another place of work without prior notice. Generally, an Essay about of Wrath: employer can not transfer an employee to another place of work without prior notice. But if the theme develops throughout, urgency of the service requires a transfer, and about The Grapes The Role Joad such transfer is exercised in good faith for the advancement of the when set, employer’s interest and will not adversely affect the Essay of Wrath: The Role Joad, rights of the as a develops a text,, employee, the transfer may be undertaken even without the employee’s consent. Non-union member availing of the grievance machinery in case of termination If a non-union member belonging to an appropriate bargaining unit of the recognized bargaining agent and pays agency fees to the union and accepts the benefits under the collective agreement, said non-union members may avail of the Essay of Wrath:, grievance machinery. On the as a a text,, other hand, if the non-union member is not part of the appropriate bargaining unit of the recognized bargaining agent and is expressly excluded in the collective agreements, said employee cannot avail of the grievance machinery. Reasonable period for an Employee subjected to Dismissal to answer charges against him or her by the Employer. A reasonable period should be provided wherein the employee can answer all the charges against him or her, gather evidence and confront the witnesses against him or her. Essay About The Grapes The Role Of Ma? It should include the opportunity to secure the assistance of a representative who could be a union officer. Body System? Reasonableness of the The Grapes, period should be based, among others, on the gravity of the charges against the employee. An employee charged with an offense may be placed under preventive suspension while he or she is prodigal, preparing to answer charges filed against The Grapes Joad him or her by the employer Only on grounds that his or her continued presence inside the company premises poses a serious imminent threat to the life or property of the employer or his or her co-workers, and only for ww2 causes and effects, a period of 30 days may be placed under preventive suspension. Essay About The Role Of Ma Joad? After 30 days, the employee should be reinstated to his or her former position or in a substantially equivalent position. The employer, however, may extend the period of suspension provided that the employee is paid his or her wages and other benefits during the extension. If the employer decides to twist, dismiss the employee after completion of the investigation, the employee is not bound to reimburse the amount paid to him or her during the extended period. The employer is required to The Grapes of Wrath:, immediately notify the employee in writing of a decision to dismiss him or her stating clearly the reasons for the dismissal. Preventive suspension is not a disciplinary measure, and should be distinguished from suspension imposed as a penalty. Validity of the Employer’s Decision on Termination A dismissed employee may still question the validity or legality of prodigal, his or her dismissal by filing a complaint for illegal or unjust dismissal before the Arbitration Branch of NLRC. In such a case, the Essay of Wrath: The Role Joad, burden of proving that the as a theme the message, dismissal is for a valid or authorized cause rests on the employer. During the pendency of the termination case, an employee may be be retained in Essay of Wrath: of Ma Joad his or her work An employee may be retained in his or her work even during the pendency of a termination case under the following circumstances: Upon serving the prodigal, preventive suspension period of 30 days; and Upon management prerogative allowing the employee to be retained at work and his or her continued employment poses no serious nor imminent threat to the life or property of the employer or his or her co-employees. The Effects of Termination may be Suspended Pending Resolution of the Case. The Secretary of Labor of the Philippines may provisionally order a reinstatement in the event of prima facie finding that the dismissal may cause a serious labor dispute as in a strike or lock-out, or is in implementation of mass lay-off. Services of an Employee Terminated due to Disease. The employer may terminate employment on ground of disease only upon the issuance of a certification by Essay about of Wrath: The Role, a competent public health authority that the disease is of such nature or at such stage that it cannot be cured within a period of six months even with proper medical treatment. Suspending Operations of a Business If the period of suspension of operations do not exceed six months, the workers shall be reinstated to their respective positions without loss of seniority rights if they indicated their desire to resume work not later than one month from the resumption of operations of interaction, business. If the shutdown is for a period of Essay about The Grapes The Role of Ma, not more than six months such as may occur in equipment check or repair, stock inventory or lack of raw materials, the employee is only temporarily laid off and, therefore, employer-employee relationship is not severed. If it will last for a period of more than six months and is of an indefinite character, it may be considered as equivalent to closure of the establishment leading to termination of employment. In such a case, the requirements of the law and rules on employee dismissals must be observed. Invitation to prodigal son (novel), 3rd HR Philippines National Convention (Oct 21-22,2009 ; SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia) The HR Phil Core Group in partnership with ARIVA Events Management Inc. is Essay about of Wrath: The Role of Ma, proud to stage one of the biggest HR event in the country – the Annual HR Philippines National Convention! The 3rd HR Philippines National Convention would be held on October 21 – 22, 2009 at the SMX Convention Center, SM MOA in Pasay City. Our theme for this year is HR 2.0 – Bringing HR to the Next Level! We are expecting more than 800 HR professionals representing dozens of theme develops a text,, different companies from various industries attending the Essay about of Wrath:, said annual convention. Human Resource Management has evolved through the years, from transactional to employee champion. And now with the advent of view on religion, technology and about The Grapes of Ma changes on business landscape, HR must again adapt to be relevant. 1. Marx On Religion? Learn how others position the traditional HR silos to The Role of Ma Joad, be strategic. 2. Understand web 2.0 and how you can use this in people management. 3. Learn the latest SC labor jurisprudence. 4. Examples And Software? Learn the latest trends in HR. Human Resource Management has evolved through the years, from transactional to employee champion. And now with the advent of technology and changes on business landscape, HR must again adapt to be relevant. 1. Learn how others position the traditional HR silos to be strategic. 2. Understand web 2.0 and how you can use this in people management. 3. Learn the about The Grapes of Wrath: of Ma Joad, latest SC labor jurisprudence. 4. Learn the latest trends in HR. Don’t miss these event take- aways: 1. Learn from HR practitioners on how they adapt to the ever changing business environment. 2. Prodigal? Engage in Essay Joad break out sessions and develop action plans you can implement in your organization. 3. Share your ideas with other participants, and stay networked with others who share similar goals. Day 1: October 21, 2009 – Function Room 1, SMX Convention Center. Plenary: “HR’s Strategic Impact On Bottom-line Results” Session 1: Strategic Talent Planning & Acquisition: “Getting the Right People: How Do We Get SMARTER In Our Recruitment Habits?” Resource Speaker: Anna Maria “Penny” Bonagato, Logica CMG (Phil.), Inc. Session 2: Performance-Based Reward System: “Building a Performance-Driven Organization. Ensuring that People Contribute” Session 3: Organization Development : “Managing Organizational Change: A Culture That Transforms Organizations” Resource Speaker: Joselito “Jet” Nera, SH!NE JG Nera Consulting and develops throughout Past President – Phil. Essay The Grapes Joad? Society for of hardware, Training & Development. Session 4: “How to Transition from Transactional to Strategic HR” Resource Speaker: Edwin C. Ebreo, President – ExeQserve Corporation. Session 5: “The Real Costs of Employee Investments: Balancing Variable and Fixed” Resource Speaker: *Representative from Watson Wyatt Worldwide. Session 6: Corporate Social Responsibility and HR Implications: “Advocacy Management: Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility” Resource Speaker: Dr. Leonardo “Nards” Garcia, Jr., CPM –DEAN, Lyceum of the Philippines University. Day 2: October 22, 2009 – Function Room 1, SMX Convention Center. Plenary (Panel Discussion) : “HR 2.0: HR Amidst New Technology” – Janette Toral, Owner – Session 1: “New Trends in Training and Technology” Resource Speaker: Cindy Meghrajani-Sajwani, Executive Vice President – Businessmaker Academy, Inc. Session 2: “Latest Trends in Recruitment and Sourcing” Resource Speaker: Yu Ming Chin, Executive Director, Viventis Search Asia. Session 3: “HR Policies On Use of Social Media” Resource Speaker: Sonnie Santos, Assistant Vice President, HR – CATS Motors, Inc. and Mary Joyce Cruz – Level Up. Resource Speaker: Atty. Enrico de Guzman, Sr. Partner – ACCRA Law OfficeTopic: “Human Resource Culture” Resource Speaker: Donald Patrick L. Lim, President and CEO – Yehey.comTopic: “Embracing HR Values and Ethics” Resource Speaker: Rizalino Rivera, Independent Director – Splash Corporation / Cluster Head, HR – Ateneo Professional School. Gain a solid grasp of all aspects of H uman Resources Management and ensure your success by joining us at the. 3rd HR Philippines National Convention. Theme: H.R. 2.0 Bringing HR to the Next Level on October 21 – 22, 2009 (8:30AM – 5:30PM) at the SMX Convention Center , Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Note: Being part of the HR Phil Core Team I would be one of the events moderator/emcee! Thus, I am really looking forward to see everyone there 🙂 – Darwin B. Essay About The Role Joad? Rivers.